should i continue that

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stick figure fighting.Should i continue that?


your stick animation was actually pretty good. your backgorunds lacked and overall visually it could have been puished more. But yea the stick anims were good, so you definitly have potential. Maybe some going back and polishing the weaker designe elments and color tweaking could bring more life and potetial to the project at hand, but sometimes start over from a blank slate isn't a bad idea. You can always use your stick animations again in other stick fight sequences. You seem to be doing well at your frame by frame here but just animating sticks isnt going to round your animation skills. I did a very small stick flick for my first flash and then felt i had aquired all i needed from sticks and moved up and onward. Im giving this a 5, for some ambitious talent and some promising potential. I hope this review clarifies any doubt or reassures any hope you may have had :)

zorzaanimator responds:

ow come on!! XD

You should finish it before submitting. It has off and on pacing. Smooth that out and finish it and it should rock.

zorzaanimator responds:

yeah, it should rly rock XD thanks

nice but too short

zorzaanimator responds:

ill continue that

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Dec 5, 2012
5:43 PM EST