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5-greens 5 Points

Complete 5 levels on any difficulty

10-greens 10 Points

Complete 10 levels on any difficulty

100-leafs 10 Points

Seed 100 leafs

Special_Challenge-1 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 1 Stage

Special_Challenge-10 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 10 Stage

Special_Challenge-2 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 2 Stage

Special_Challenge-3 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 3 Stage

Special_Challenge-4 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 4 Stage

Special_Challenge-5 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 5 Stage

Special_Challenge-6 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 6 Stage

Special_Challenge-7 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 7 Stage

Special_Challenge-8 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 8 Stage

Special_Challenge-9 10 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 9 Stage

100-crystals 25 Points

Destroy 100 crystals

15-greens 25 Points

Complete all levels on any difficulty

Special_Challenge-11 25 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 11 Stage

Special_Challenge-12 25 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 12 Stage

Special_Challenge-13 25 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 13 Stage

Special_Challenge-14 25 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 14 Stage

Special_Challenge-15 25 Points

Complete Special Challenge on 15 Stage

15-challenges 50 Points

Complete all special challenges

15-silvers 50 Points

Complete all levels on moderate difficulty

15-golds 100 Points

Complete all levels on hard difficulty

Author Comments

We've always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can defeat them.

Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Have fun!

UPD: Many players are asking what golden symbiosis do. Sorry for not making it clear in tutorial. The Golden Symbiosis is just the powerup for your regular symbiosis. So after getting it your symbiosis (transferring energy from one plant to anothers) becomes a little stronger. It's a passive skill so you don't need to enable it.


A fun and simple game, however, it is way too easy. To win, you just have to rush the enemy. It really never seems to get much more complex than that.

Alright Tower Defense.

Way too easy, i unlocked every medal in less than an hour. Not even kidding, I even checked the first medal to make sure since I couldn't believe a tower defense could go by so fast. Especially when I only the mouse, since using keyboard shortcuts would have resulted in even less of a challenge.

I went with maxed out defense and regeneration, which easily enabled me to win the challenge levels for added experience while Meteor reduced the number of enemies. All the achievement experience boosts are probably too high, killing all difficulty. Maybe it was the strategy, but honestly I think maxing damage or the swarm and economy skills would probably make it even easier since you can zerg rush by selling units (did that in any mission I only could use 2 towers at once) or kill every enemy before they level via improved damage output and meteor.

But I don't want tu flame it, it was a decent timefiller, no lag at all and a nice general speed (I was worried seeing no way to increase gameplay speed but the general speed did such a good job I rarely missed it outside of the few missions I went for medals and had to wait for my plant to grow until it gained enough firing range to kill everything in those no spell and no new plants missions).

I also noticed no bugs in the game or with the medals, the latter being something other games tend to have problems with. Being able to give orders while in pause mode was a nice change from hasty micromanagement you usually see, so kudos for that design decision.

The symbyosis boosts should be made noticable (colorful effect or green numbers on the curser float window when hovering above a unit). I feel something is missing, though I can't really pinpoint it.

Apart from Meteor the Spells were rather useless, so I had to detract a point. I could see some different spells to replace or complement them.

A Fertilizer spell could work nicely, be it a growth enhancer or something like added growth for each kill for a period of time. Maybe something that debuffs opponents or lowers their growth.

Maybe a playmode where you had to work with randomized skills, so you had to change up your tactics. A way to respec your skills would be welcome too.

All in all, decent job on this one, if you expand on it or do a sequel I will definitely check it out.

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Fun and straightforward. Found the Defense boosting spell went unused, and the Health spell always felt like a waste of mana due to its small return. Meteor spell definitely MVP here. Perhaps some way to more actively level up your plants, or improve their growth beyond mode switching, like a Fertilizer spell? Definitely a game idea worth expanding on!

Proves how smooth and addictive, towerdefence games by armorgames can be.

Brilliant....keeps you hooked, the way games should be. nice work!

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2012
7:17 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense