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Help Hayley to save the forest from dirty businessman. 51 skills, 40 ingredients and recipes, 54 mutations and 11 bosses!

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The game is entertaining, but of the random generation for the training needs to be rethought. Having 49 of the 51 skills and only getting the option to up my max life point 10 level ups in a row gets redundant and aggravating. Also it doesn't make much sense to be able to learn the ball of lightning before the lightning shot, and similar cases for other active/passive skills. You could tier the skills so each one has to be had before the next round of choices appears.

I would also recommend being able to have greater choice in the buying of food. After a while it would be nice to just place order for various food items in the quantities I need.

Overall a good game.

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Even though my Rarw has an extreamly low chance on using a freaking ability (sometimes I belive he just trolling me) I enjoyed every bit of the game!

Fight my cute deadly Kethak :3


i played on not doppler its epic here and notdoppler :D

Excellent game. Very addicting. Overall well balanced... Except for some bosses.
Mr.Trollface isn't a challenge : His health is ridiculously high. His damages are ridiculously weak. With all the healing bonus, you can defeat him with your max health.
Rott, the Abomination. His health coupled with the insane debuff makes him waaaay too difficult.

Speaking of witch, I got a glitch versus Rott : I lost... or, I should have lost to him. But I got the healing bonus the instant I lost my last HP. The death animation, with my rawr falling on the ground played, even if I had 500 HP left (due to the bonus). I said : "Nah, too bad, that was so close..." And then... tadaaa, "Victory !"
I was like "Uh ?"

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This game is Awesuume!!... already beat it but still can't stop playing.... OwO
but still looking forward for continuation, I think?. I mean... cmon! do this game deserves a continuation?... OwO

Anyway.... EPIC game in my Opinion.

Fight my RAWR (iSmoke) :

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2012
6:18 AM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place December 6, 2012