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Play a Level! 5 Points

It doesn't get much easier than this. But then that medal pops up and it makes that cool sound and you gotta admit - that feels AWESOME.

Fire 500 Shots! 10 Points

Are you going to just hold down the space key and slam through this one? Are you? C'mon, you'll get it naturally in the course of the game. Don't be like that, man!

Play 15 Minutes! 25 Points

That's 15 minutes of actual gametime here. Don't just go afk and be like, "Man I bet it'll trigger while I watch Family Guy." It won't!

Score 250 25 Points

Rack up at least 250 points in a level! Really, not very hard. Use combos, be fast. Wait, IS this too hard? Then you'll hate medal 3.

Score 500 25 Points

This is around the level of how high someone who really works at it can score. If you want to cheat, go ahead - really, who can blame you?

25000 Lifetime Points! 50 Points

This is it. The big achievement. The one where it becomes clear you either truly like this game, or are an utter medal addict. If you get this, I sure hope you liked the game! It's not too hard to pull off, believe me.

Acquire 50 Data! 50 Points

Data would be those green boxes. As opposed to the red, white, blue or black boxes. You'll see them. Get 50 over the entire course of your game career and then, hey, awesome Newgrounds medal noise!

Clean 10 Systems! 50 Points

Did you know these levels change with each type you unlock? There's quite a variety there. At least see 10, come on, they really get better!

Combo Level 5! 100 Points

Once again, this one is tough. If you're having trouble, try it on a 4-way shot level. Remember, missed shots hurt your combo meter.

Destroy 250 Errors! 100 Points

There are a lot of errors on the internet. Seriously - HTML errors, code errors, speling errors... Anyway, destroy 250 of them during the course of the game.

Author Comments

StabiliTEA! Take part in this mandatory corporate training simulation to learn about the world of Targeted Error Attacks (TEAs) and the various standard attacks used by internet hackers in the FUTURE!

20 distinct levels!
10 badges!
Deceptively attractively title screen!

** Developer Comments Follow **

Alright. You're probably going to say, "You indie game devs always say 'retro graphics' when you really mean 'low-quality, pixel stuff'." Alright, you caught me. I made this several months ago, trying to see how far I could go with the most basic Flixel built-in graphics. I'm actually rather pleased with the end result, and have, as usual, learned a billion things I didn't know before.

The storyline for this one? Honestly, it all came from the name, which I can't even totally remember how I justified it. Let's face it - StabiliTEA? Bad name. Makes no sense. Kind of weird. But, it was fun to write up these histories. As ever, comments are appreciated. Vastly technologically superior to my first game, Electrikill.

Edit: New version updated, correcting a bug with reloads affecting a particular stage unlock. Still trying to figure out the medal bug.

Edit 2: Medals should be working now, because I made a real stupid error and finally found it. Will know once it's properly live.

Edit 3: Cleared up some minor bugs. Unlock and 'new' status should now be accurate.

Edit 4: Fixed some additional minor bugs related to unlocks.

Edit 5: Credits updated with thank you to ElectricBlueMax for his valuable bug-checking assistance!

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ez medals

Nice game and easy medals !

This game is really interesting... Great Job! :)

VictorGrunn responds:

Thanks, much appreciated!

Good story and enjoyable gameplay. Overall, I like it.

VictorGrunn responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

The storyline's really good, as usual with your games, both the immersive setting and all the little jokes.

I encountered a lot of lag, not so much that it was unplayable, but enough that it was annoying.

I find the gameplay okay, nothing great. I think I'd like it better if you could move around smoothly instead of jerkily moving along the grid.

The white squares in the background make it difficult to see. They're at least part of the reason I haven't been able to complete runaround yet.

I'm encountering a few errors. Dampened and patience are marked as new even though I've already completed them and whiplash is at 100% but won't unlock.

What is the save system? The reason I ask is because I have two separate saves on Chrome and Internet Explorer. Also, what makes this game technologically superior to Electrikill? So far I prefer Electrikill in every way.

VictorGrunn responds:

Well, thanks a lot for the writing compliment - I honestly was afraid this time it wouldn't be worth reading, but people seem to enjoy that part so far. Glad to hear it.

The save system is just straight up Flixel FlxSave, so nothing fancy there. Nothing server side, so it makes sense that two different browsers would store different saves. Usually I see flash games reset even on a per site basis with the same browser.

As for the lag, that's unusual - you're the first to mention that of the reviews so far. I'll look into it to see what's up with it. Always possible I have something going on that could be coded far more efficiently. In fact, change possible to 'definite'.

Someone else mentioned the 'new' errors - I'll look into it. With Whiplash, someone else mentioned getting to 100% on a level, yet not having it unlock. The thing is, it should never say 100% - if it were that, it should just plain unlock, so you're probably on the cusp of it. No idea how that's happening - I coded it with a pretty straightforward, simple function (Math.floor(CurrentStat / TargetStat * 100)), but clearly I made a mistake somewhere and it's rounding *up* at some point in the chain. I'll figure it out.

The superiority is nothing that would be evident from the game itself - it has everything to do with the code. Electrikill was a complete and utter mess. Utterly inefficient with colossal errors that weren't evident unless the game was played for long enough - then, they were game/save breaking. Graphically, Electrikill was better for obvious reasons. It had a more coherent storyline, greater enemy variety in a technical sense, etc.

Here, I have far more diverse modes of play - they're very simple, but still, the levels change far more radically than anything Electrikill ever did. The code I have for everything from the enemies to the layouts to everything else is smoother, easier to read, more efficient in general. Also, the save system works even if someone has cookies blocked - that was the king of all failings, because I didn't even think to set up a redundant save system. People were playing level 1, and then having no progress even within the game itself if they had cookies disabled. A good amount of testy people on that one.

On top of it all, I coded it up in a fraction of the time Electrikill took me. At this point, so long as I had the assets, I'm confident I could replicate Electrikill in mere days at most and make it vastly superior in the process.

Edit: Errors squashed. The 'new' stuff was just an oversight on my part - it stayed in place for any level past 10. The other one was tracking the wrong stat, fixed now. So, now it's just a question about the lag - I'll check into that.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2012
4:48 AM EST