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RED: A Demo

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Author Comments

Guide Red to her Grandmother's house.

This is a complete demo of a game that will, unfortunately never be finished. I actually uploaded this last week, but then took it down due to it's incomplete nature.

I have since fixed a few bugs, added dialogue, fixed the frame rate, added a secret medal and added an "actual" ending.

While there is sound, there is no music. So if anyone wants to contribute something they'd deem fitting, I'd love to take a listen.


You cocktease. This is a fantastic interactive story, and I call it that because I always had the eerie feeling that everything I did was scripted. I had no other choice but to hit the attack button, and I didn't want to see what happened when I died so I healed whenever I needed to. It's entirely possible that all of the hits and misses of the animals I fought were scripted, or at least rigged. I almost got set with a little paranoia, which was fantastic because I had to step back and realize that my hypothesis could very well be true. As I progressed I kept questioning what was real or not since some things popped up that were clearly out of place; I had to constantly wonder how much of the scenery could be believed, but nothing was being shoved in my face so I couldn't find out.
And I'll NEVER find out if you don't finish this game. Which I strongly suggest you do. Maybe even make it cost a little money. I'd pay for a finished interactive story like that. Hell if you make this go in the right direction I'd save it and show it to my kids. You've made me craving more, I'm desperate for an explanation, for some sort of end to this story. And for all I know that could be intentional on your part, you could have told us, "Ohhh it's a demo too bad," and been thinking the entire time, "If they bug me enough I'll know it's good!"
And you know what? If that's what you did, more power to you. Good job! You did it, people love it FINISH IT GODDAMNIT I NEED TO KNOW

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Finish. This. Game. Make it a downloadable thing, I don't care, just finish it.

I loved the game, what there was of it. It had every feeling of your typical art game. The look, the movement, etc. I was really surprised when I got into the first fight though to see the turn based battle. It felt out of place and I thought I didn't like it. After about the third one though, it grew on me and I realized I appreciated the new element. It set the game apart from your average dystopia art game and has certainly set it apart from the average turn based RPG. Having no music did not take away from anything, in my opinion, it almost added to the atmosphere.

I knew it wasn't a full game when I started, but I was sad to see it end. It felt too soon and I was hoping for a little bit more. A little bit more of the story, a few more seconds of game play, something, anything, but no, just a message that said it was done and this was as far as it would get. I'm sorry that something is keeping it from being finished. I would love to see more of it, as I know others would as well. Part of me hopes that you will pick it up again, even if it is to reinvent and pick it up as a new project rather then completing this one directly. I'd almost just settle for the rest of the story in written form, I love stories and I love knowing the journey and the end. Either way, I will still keep an eye on your works. I've already played most of the games you have submitted, most of those I have enjoyed (and wished were a little bit longer).

I will add that the "Demo" in the title feels only a tad teasing, as if the completed work is available somewhere else and it's just a matter of me finding it.

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Not a terrible game, but too unoriginal for an art game. It's got point+click, yeah, which is cool. But otherwise, I'll go through a list of stereotypes.
- Pixelate? Check.
- Film grain? Optional. Bonus check.
- Slow moving? Check.
- "Make you think" vague text now and again? Sort of check.
All in all, a meh game. When I want to play an art game, I won't play it. When I want to play THIS game, I'll play it.

I don't know if you still want to fix bugs since you're not planning on working on this anymore, but after you kill the man who begs for death, you can still click on him and he pops back up for you to kill again and again.

Otherwise, cool stuff. Interesting story and atmosphere. Could have been pretty great.

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Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2012
8:22 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click