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Will you be able to escape from this misterious house?
Find the secrets and go through the doors...

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i really like this kind of games , but this one... it lacks inventory , has way too loud ambience -it's irritating , and art (?) style looks like 10yr old kids..its way too messy , i obtained key and matches simply by clicking around , not because i saw them lying there. for me this game is almost unplayable.

The art style is nice however with no inventory or map it makes the game more tedious then it needs to be.

The game isn't bad, but not having an ending is a dick move. I'm left with a broken key at the end with no apparent way to fix it, a dead body hanging from a noose, and a message that says "You can't escape yourself." Unless I'm supposed to haul the dead guy out with me, there's nothing else left to do.

Also the message in the fridge is unreadable. Looks like inuno but that's really just a wild guess. And the toilet flushes, so... good for it I guess.

Hello, i will try to provide constuctive critisisum, since i am giving this game low stars.
You need to improve a lot of things or think about adding them in future games like this.
(1) Inventory - some type of inventory system would be nice since people will end up forgetting what they picked up.
(2) Music- the game lacks ambiance making it a bit boring, there is rain in the background ,but it gets annoying very fast and you can hear where the loop ends.
(3) A map - i found this game hard to navigate with the fact that you enter room A from the left side of room B, logicaly you would think that you came out of the right side in room A, but in this game you go in room A from the left side of room B and if you want to go back to room B you need to go into the left side, if the doors had makings or were a different color this would not be a problem, but in your case you need to think of a map before you make the house, try drawing how a simple map of the house would look before you make a game.
(4) A little bit of story, why are you there, who are you,ect... i understand a lot of games of this type just start you somewhere random and give you story in the end, but a small intro would be nice.
The graphics are interesting to say the least, but confusing, i ended up opening the shelve and automaticly clicking inside, because i have had expirience in these games and expect that there will be items inside, else i would have never seen that there was something inside.
I can understand the safe idea is to use the "clues" on the walls but i had no idea what numbers i entered in the machine and could not open it. Also there is a locked door, which again i could barely see the locks on, so i figured you need 4 keys, i found 3 keys in random places and i suspect the last one is in the safe but i can't open it, so i say "sorry" for judging before the game end.
That's all i have to say, I hope this helps, good luck with future projects and have a nice day.

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1.09 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2012
11:43 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click