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Berzerker Stick

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In this Fighting Game you will be Blaze, a Berserker Warrior created to defeat the Invading Blue Stickmen. You will have to fight into a room with enemies who become stronger every level you beat. Killing enemies you will earn Credits to buy new powerful weapons or learn new fighting skills, till you actually become the Complete 10th Weapon Warrior.

p.s. if you have a website and you want to host the game, you can download the zip package with screens and thumbs here (just don't leave the space in the middle of the word altervista in the domain name):
http://stickmangames.alte rvista.org/_altervista_ht /berzerkerstick.zip


awesome man but u should keep option to customize the controls to arrow keys

makes u walk to one side most time so the emimes kill u FIX the bug up and u copy lightsabers from starwars WDF but i like how u can kill ppl by fire blasts and blue spiks and u copyed neddler gun from fallout 3 and some afther games so im not giveing it much rating as i usly do

game seems solid, but i don't like the control setup. if you could move the movement keys to the arrow-keys, or better yet make them customizable, i think it would be a lot easier to play.

beyond that the game is solid.

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The controls bothered me a little bit. It might be a personal preference but I hate when everything is just all bunched together like that, would have been better in my opinion if the movement buttons were the arrow keys.

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Has great potential, very well put together, the controls are a bit unresponsive at times, and the run speed of the character you play is a little excessive, but aside from that great game.

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3.70 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2012
7:29 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler