Living In Filth

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An old animation I did with some classmates about how our way of life will be our own downfall. I thought it was fitting for this 2012 december
The title is in spanish but there are no dialogues so its every language friendly


Not too bad, but the sound effects drowned out the music most of the feature and were obnoxiously loud. I still liked it overall, good job.

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wash responds:

thanks for the input Swords! I totally agree with you about the sfx. When we did this clip I pretty much rushed through the sound effects having no prior experience as far as sound goes. It was a turbulent time of deadlines and lots of stress jajajaja. I have oten thought about going over this again and do a layer pass of shadows and getting someone who knows what their doing to redo the whole soundtrack for this. Maybe if the world doesnt explode Ill do this at some point...

That was actually really nice! You could use the UFO at the end as an introduction into what a fresh start could be :) (He took presumably the only survivors of our race, do they get to try again elsewhere or is this the end?)

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wash responds:

Very keen observation! yeah the UFO is there to rescue those huimans who are still worth saving, ie good and bright people who will presumably carry on the species somewhere else in the galaxy, avoiding the mistakes we have already made.

WTF!!! BOOOOOOM!!! LOLZ nice animation

wash responds:

Thanx a bunch, scoobysnack1! Glad you enjoyed it!

Very interesting animation indeed. Themes of global destruction through harmful means are indeed very well played. What I will say though about the animation, some bits were pixelated, and tended to distract from the overall style. Nevertheless, still very well animated ^^

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wash responds:

Thanks meagasean3000, Im wondering which bits you felt were pixelated? maybe Ill go back over this clip some day and fix with all th new stuff ive learnt through time

lovin the art style, good music too

wash responds:

thanks! the music is Danny Kaye, the song is called Civilization

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3.52 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2012
1:42 AM EST
Comedy - Original