Chance and Ineptitude 1

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Abby walks around the cold streets of an old town, what will become of her this time?

Wow, never thought I'd put the next one up.
Anyway long story with this. Last October I finished editing the script and editing the panels for this chapter. Celx helped with the programing, and of course he had other things to take care of so this was pushed aside. I forgot about this until he brought it up a few months ago. It's going to be divided into 4 parts, and this chapter will conclude.
The art is VERY outdated in this. The rest of the parts will have the outdated are, but when the third chapter comes it'll look more like what I've been putting out.
Anyway I hope you all enjoy. More to come.

Again thanks for all the help Celx.


The music goes really well with it. Hope to see more

linda-mota responds:

There's going to be 3 more parts coming soon, and maybe a 3rd chapter if everything's ok. :)

The music! It's beautiful.
The story was engaging. (and could likely pass as rated T)
Artwork is subjective, but I sometimes had trouble discerning exactly was going on in a given shot, which made the story slightly confusing.
I love the interactivity of the menu, once I got a grasp of it.
I wish more submissions were like interactive books. You get artwork, interactivity and music in this format. Nice job!


linda-mota responds:

Since this was in 4 parts, I kept thinking of the whole story overall since it involves some nudity and violence. Not so much this part so I think I'll change it, you brought up a good point.

You are very kind. Thanks for you time. :)

I was really impressed with the feel of the whole thing! I mean the speech bubbles could use a bit of sprucing up to match the rest but i really liked the writing and the images and how the music fit in. It would be even better if this was the storyboard for an animation but I really like it!

linda-mota responds:

I agree with oyu on the speech bubbles, but celx (guy who did programing) has a lot on his plate. I think the most important part are the drawings and words. As long as everyone can understand both I'm good. If I was an animator I'd do more, but again that's not my forte. Thank you for the review and watching this.

With love.

The music is good. Some of the pictures were very confusing, atleast I couldn't tell, what to see in them.
However, I liked the idea...
Well, cannot figure anything else to say right now =D Atleast this was a good start.

its a comic.... so, not much in the way of animation, but the arts unique.

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3.46 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2012
5:19 AM EST