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Sonic's Adventure!

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Comedy - Parody

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Dec 2, 2012 | 3:24 PM EST

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Author Comments

it took me like 2 weeks to animate this

its a short sonic parody . a funny comic made by tyson hesse

from the first time i read it. i allways wanted to see an animated version of it ..since there was none, i decided to do one myself ^^



Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ahh, the video game parody. It is a genre of rather questionable quality and consistency. For every genuine "parody" of a video game, you get a googol of horrifically half arsed "parodies" that think parodies are parroting old jokes, memes, or OMFGRANDUMB. I am almost always very wary when I click on the link of a video game parody.

Well, I have good news for those who created this flick - you have landed a GENUINELY GOOD video game parody!! Bravo! This had me smiling ear to ear by the end. Yeah, I dissed bad video game parodies for being "OMFGRANDUMB" and admittedly, this one certainly has an air of randomness to it - but it doesn't rely solely on random, and even then it actually understood how to pull off genuinely "random" humour; see, random humour shouldn't be 100% random. When it's 100% random and just blares out of fucking nowhere, it's more annoying and confusing than funny. Good "random" humour has SOME basis, let's say it's just 75% random - good random humour keeps some firm root in the plot, the parody, or is used to satire other illogic elements. I think the best example in this flash is "ARMS!" That was easily my favourite part, the idea alone had me giggling my arse off but when Arms flew - I nearly teared up in laughter. It was undeniably kind of random, but it had an element of parody by mocking how silly and illogical the idea of a flying two tailed fox is. That works.

It also helps that while the recording quality wasn't great, the actual quality of the voice acting itself was very entertaining and well done. The actors understood comedic timing and more important, comedic inflection - something that is necessary for animated comedy to work on the same level as live comedy. The expressions were also fitting and hilarious, and once again made up for the otherwise somewhat lacking animation and the "Eh" art - which was fairly good at times, shaky at others. But you still managed to make the characters feel animated and had a lot of great expressions.

Really, my gripes really do come down to nitpicking the technical qualities - the recording quality was a bit off and tinny at times with hints of static, the animation wasn't the greatest and the art had a middling quality - but the technical aspects don't matter as much when the actual quality of the effort of the talent behind each element shows through the flaws. I could tell that a lot of effort was put into it all from the voice actors and the animators, and these technical flaws do not feel like they are there because they are half arsed - but merely because of limitations beyond the creators power and/or simply not being as high as other flash work being showcased at this current time, so it is ultimately easy to overlook.

This was one of the funniest Sonic parodies I have seen! I love how it sort of followed the chronology of the games up to the atrocity that was Sonic '06, I.E. how Arms/Tails appears second and Nipples/Knuckles appears in the third scene and is angry at first, etc. etc. And after Arms flying, my favourite scene had to be the reveal of Batface the Rogue. Holy god that voice. xD

Thanks for providing a genuinely good video game parody! I hope to see more from you in the future, be it original content or another genuinely decent game parody.

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Its EMMEROWDS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

not sure what to think...kinda like ren and stimpy with a wierd twist?

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