Bath Salts Zombies

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You are a Marine. Returning from a war tour back home. Another hour or two and your girlfriend will be all over you! Not so fast, cause something down South went terribly wrong!

From FREEGAMEPICK: Guys, thanks support and some constructive feedback. We listen. We know it's hard to please everyone. We will try harder ;) Enjoy the game!

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You used Duke Nukem as the main character, and for that you get 5 stars...everyone keeps saying the game is easy, its not that its easy, its because its Duke Nukem and hes badass like that, so of course its going to be easy. anyway i found a bug..when you complete story mode, if you go back into the story mode, you start with the airstrike, the nuke, and all your money and upgrades, if you quit to the main menu, it will restart everything. some easy suggestions that would make this game better are, change the price of the turrets based on how strong they are...for a lvl 3 turret it should cost the same as a level one turret.

As some of the other reviews have already mentioned, the game is too easy, I felt like I was an auxillary to the towers that I put in place, helping them to scourge the land of...mostly dark coloured people?
That was the other thing I couldn't comprehend, most of the enemies were dark coloured. Maybe they all got really tanned from walking round with their shirts off...
I would've liked the game better if the enemies were more 'zombified'

I'm only giving this two stars...
Well, as I sit here and write this, the game is playing. I have set enough turrets in strategic location to stop any advancements of the enemy. This game is not very challenging.

So a pretty solid TD shooter, with some cool effects.

My biggest issue with the game is the limited forms of ordnance. You've got he main cannon and two other towers with the capability of attacking enemies. Then there is the air-strike, the nuke, and the supplemental vehicles.

That's really not enough variety for a 360 degree game like this. Gamers would like to see that there are several options that exist, and that they are not born from a sense of variety but from a sense of necessity. Each weapon should have its own place within the strategy, and be valuable, so as to usher in that sense of accomplishment upon completing 12 rounds.

As it stands, I surrounded the main tower with upgraded Fire-shocks and then surrounded those with a ring of upgraded Defense. Then I just dropped the occassional nuke and picked off taxi-cabs at random. This strategy took me from level 7 to the end of the game, only rarely replacing the ultra-cheap Defense towers as they get plucked by the occassional lucky taxi.

Too easy, with too little trial-and-error and not enough options on which to spend that massive pile of wealth.

Still fun, though.

Rating: 3.5
Vote: 4


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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2012
3:23 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 4th Place December 4, 2012