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Open your eyes and breath in the air , wait there is no air, and your eyes arn't open, but yet you still see and your lungs expand , you have just entered the world of Saciety. An open plane of consciousness and a realm of mystery...
You must navigate and explore this very limited yet vast land and bring balance back to your mind, only then will you truly awaken.
This game is based on a lucid dream of Jordan Hill, Re-sketching by Jonah Hill, music by fluidvolt (his website http://soundcloud.com/fluidvolt ).
CONTROLS: Navigate the landscape by clicking in specific edges of each screen, solve puzzles and use clues to your advantage.

So apparently my game has been re-uploaded to a lot of other sites, without crediting me of course..., and i just wanted to thank you for playing it on its place of origin , Newgrounds.com


i agree w/ the dude below me but good game

Y2k4ever responds:

Thanks, I only didn't put arrows because I didn't want it to be to obvious to beat, seeing the reactions to this choice, I will either next time, or fix this one to have arrows.

Interesting concept, could have been better executed by making it pan from one place to the next, or at least supplying arrow-support and onscreen direction.

beautiful artwork, chilling moments but like so hard to figure out what to do there's no labels you have to just blindly search the screen for clickable space and i couldn't make it all the way through the game so i didn't get to see everything but i think you should make a walkthrough or something because i love the artwork and the effects!

Y2k4ever responds:

Thank you very much!
I'll make a walk threw later on my YouTube channel.
I see you noticed that I didn't label anything, well that was a tough choice for me, it literally took more work then it would had saved, but I didn't want to make the game to obvious, when I had had this dream I didn't know what I was doing, and I couldn't wake up until I figured everything out, and the second I did I awoke, but here's a hint, look at the message on the wall in the building with 2 rooms, it will help you solve a puzzle, good luck!

amazing 5 stars, youll go far kid

Y2k4ever responds:

Your to kind :)

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2012
11:26 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click