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For our first submission here at NG, we decided to upload our first flash animation. We made some tweaks and polished it a little since we learned more about Flash and have better tools to draw.

This animation is based on the Hackers that uses Mods on FPS games. Nothing fancy but a good subject for our first animation.


Check out our website for more content: www.deuxlab.com

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It's really good

make this into a game

This was really good, better than anything I can make. The animation was good and it was smooth. I like the way you drew the characters they looked pretty cool but at times were sloppy. I noticed the audio was off towards the end if anybody else realized that. The backgrounds do seem sloppy but I didn't pay much attention to it and they looked decent. Overall this was pretty nice and found it to be entertaining.

Could be a lot better.

The animation wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. The keyframes were fine, but the inbetweens were bland, implying the bare minimum of motion. Too many looped characters really held it back as well. The lipsyncing was nonexistent; with only two lines of dialogue, this stood out quite clearly. At one point, the grenade comes to a stop, and is suddenly in the air again, kind of sloppy if you ask me.

The plot wasn't anything to write home about either, with the climactic joke, the entire reason for watching this cartoon, being a simple reference to the "mother of god" meme. Memes don't make for good writing.

The sound design was meh, relying on pop-culture references to get the point across, i.g. the Metal Gear exclamation sound. These have been used to death already, let them rest in peace.

The art style wasn't good, and not because it was minimalistic. It would be fine if more effort had gone into the character designs and models, but everything just looked distorted and bland. The tank close up was particularly sloppy. More effort needs to be given to backgrounds as well.

Overall, give it more effort next time, and you'll do well.

I liked it, but I didn't like the fact he dodged all those bullets while he was just standing there and didn't move or have cover or anything.