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Joe Average's life was a tranquil one till he met the girl of his dreams. The only problem - she doesn't seem to like hairy guys very much. The moment has come for Joe to put his skills and courage to test, and his manliness on the line:
WILL HE ENDURE A COMPLETE WAX in the strangest of beauty clinics? Only you can help him make it so!


CONTROLS: Depending on the instructions shown, WASD and the mouse

There are three modes:
NORMAL: Players in this game have to conquer 18 minigames and a tricky boss battle in order to succeed. This is more than a challenge. Is a test of endurance and manliness! But don't sweat too much over the ending....this is what hard mode exists for!

HARD: Same as above, but over WHUN THOWZAND harder. Only those truly motivated can see the TRUE ENDING to this epic tale of resistance and mighty love!

ARCADE: The ultimate test for those who crave a highscore, it presents an endless mix of minigames with the added boon of score-balloon-popping. Can you advance to the terrible level 3? (Also: what lies beyond? I never made it that far...)

It is strongly suggested to try normal mode first. And play the cutscenes. At least once.

Yes. Despite the theme there is no nudity and only cartoon violence. WARNING: people with sensitive eyes might find a small part of the final boss in hard mode a little eye straining.
Please, be wary.

Giovanni Beninato (me) - story, graphics, music, some SFX
freesfx.co.uk - sound effects
Special thanks to TomFulp of Newgrounds and the Stencyl Team

For questions, licenses, critiques, compliments, words of wisdom, friendship requests, or ANY other kind of request, send me a private message.

Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy the game!

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The idea is great but the WASD controls are bad. It´s almost impossible to reach the exit within a few seconds as long as the character is moving so much when pressing the keys lightly. =/
3 stars for the basic idea of the game.

A Wario Ware clone done right! Fun mini games, great music, and good graphics!

Riping any of the wax strips was impossible. i find it completely ruined the experience

A silly over the top Wario Ware clone just the way I like it.

Though I gotta say these minigames can be pretty damn hard they got me sweating! Well okay maybe not that but still it's pure silliness all around in this manic micro game game!

good warioware clone

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3.94 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2012
12:04 PM EST
Skill - Other
  • Stencyl