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Knight Run

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Knight Run is a fast-paced fighting game where your goal is to get as far as possible without dying. Along the way, you can fight enemies to gain experience and levels which allows you to learn skills to better fight off enemies.

This is also my first game, so please go easy on me and leave me some constructive criticism if you have any!

Full list at http://bit.ly/SuZ4zi
+ -> Added feature
- -> Removed feature
~ -> Updated feature
! -> Bug
X -> Fixed bug

----v0.8 alpha----
+ You can now block by pressing Z. (Halves damage+knockback, low chance of no damage)
+ Death sound.
~ Menu font changed.
~ Keys changed. (Press 'How to Play' on the menu for the new list)
! (Minor) Background flashes every now and then randomly.
! (Minor) Magician sometimes plays shooting animation but doesn't shoot anything.

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Not bad I guess

Add more spawn rate to the enemies and add four lives in the game. This is a great game you have made and add armor, helmets, clothes and weapons. There is a great background and great map but add even more details on it and this is my favorite game, so as Knight Run 2

Very awesome dude!
Everything works great, congratz :D All it's really missing is some sound effects, but you can easily add those in later.

Love the enemy animations as well :D

Stealth2800 responds:

Thanks! What sound effects is it missing? :O
I'm completely reprogramming it for the full release and this should be updated fairly soon, once I'm done with that. ;)

Good job on your first game. Way better then my first attempt. Reminds me of knights rush on the iOS.

I think this game needs a lot more though. As a player it is not fun to walk in a straight line to the right and then bash the spacebar. Combat should take more skill then just mindless button bashing. Possibly making the player more agile (jumping ability) so I can dodge attacks, or even a shield to block them. That would make this game pretty good.

Graphics are okay. They are pretty bland. Music is good.

Anyway you have a lot of potential. Good job here.

Stealth2800 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! What suggestions do you have for the graphics? I'll do my best to improve them.

I think I'll also add a blocking ability and jumping ability though, be on the lookout for that. ;)

I don't know man. I know how hard it is to create a game ( I have created many games myself) and I think that you can do better and I think that your off to a good start, you have very good potential based on this game, best of luck.

Stealth2800 responds:

Thanks! Be sure to watch for more games then! :P