Hej Sokoly

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"The dispute between two kingdoms must be settled before it is too late. Follow the exploits of the Falcons as they make an urgent delivery. The end of one man's selfish tale brings a future to those who continue living in this strange world, but at what cost?"

This piece is a bit of a sci-fi take on the classic Polish/Ukrainian folksong "Hej Sokoly", what translates to "Hey Falcons". The song used in this is a remix by my good friend Initial P of DIsko Warp Music Be sure to check out the audio link for more music by him if you enjoy it!

**Some of the scenes in this get pretty intense with layers, so if your computer is chugging, I have a Youtube upload of this with you can find on my goshadole channel, or view it in Chrome**



Great flash, I have a question though:

Is this the story?

*spoiler alert*

there are two cities who power this one generator that allows for some kind of benefit. Mr. Gold (bad guy) decided to stop powering the generator after his wife died and (he thought) his son had died as well (this was also when he lost his arm). The team with the main characters was supposed to deliver a message, however it was seen as an assassination attempt, so when they entered the throne room, (this is where I get confused) the robot was destroyed and that crystal on its head was no longer in effect so they all froze (because they were in the wrong kingdom?) except for that one dude who was mr. Gold's son and did not freeze because he shared the same DNA or something. He delivers the message before dying (not sure if he got shot or not) and mr. gold knows that it was his son, and decides to say yes to the truce.

one more thing, please make more animations with the robot dude (I'll call him greg) He is the person with the animated goggles that give us an idea of what he is thinking. To me that was very original and was pretty awesome, I'd like to see more in the future :D great anim.

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a great end to a wonderful story.

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Always a fan of your art style, but I prefer your previous animations that put a greater emphasis on vocals in the music, and the static effect made my head hurt.

fun to watch, good music but the animation could have been a little smoother.

Ok For those who dont know about it, or dont understand the storyline this video holds i will explain

Protagonist: Kid with the Falcon EyePatch
Antagonist: Greedy "King" of the "Red Kingdom"
Scientist in flash back: The King of the Falcons

In the beginning it show a older man (The King of the Falcons) giving a message to the Protagonist then he hugs his "Girlfriend" After having a strange reaction to his mission. Judging from this reaction and him staring at the picture all the time i assume he knew it was a Suicide Mission. They go off to bring the antagonist to his senses about something, perhaps the ominous looking cloud (Was it a portal?) in the sky, above a tower with one beam of light stretching to it. It appears this light is caused by the crystal in the first scene in the lab. The flashback scene explains alot in a short time, The antagonist is easy to match up, the scientist is the Falcon King (stated above). The Antagonist tried to be a "Do it Yourself" guy to create a portal to another world using the scientist machines or he tried to prevent the problem of the Clouds but instead worsened the Situation. When the antagonist does this he causes a heavy whiplash in the room causing his wife to be sent into the energy grid below (and killed), he gets sent flying near another Energy grid and causes his Right arm to be vaporized, while the scientist saved the Antagonist's son and presumably left to die, but it appears the king thought the son died with his mom so he left. You can see the antagonist staring at a hologram of his wife mourning her death and you see clearly he has a robotic arm. Once the Falcons get to the throne room they are stopped by a "Paralysis Field" that freezes them in time all except Elite Guards (3 dots on the head that glow), The Protagonist and the Antagonist. This field is generated by the crystal from the looks of it implying that they are unlimited sources of limitless power and the only way to stop the "apocalypse". Once nearly all of the falcon squad is eliminated the Protagonist trys one last thing... he Jumps the antagonist and gets stabbed through the chest with the robotic arm, and the eyepatch falls revealing the common mark between them, and the fact the antagonist is the father of the protagonist (LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER moment there). The son apparently "Self-Destructs" and takes the Paralysis Field with him. The Antagonist Calls the falcon king and says basically he will link up with the tower to stop this "Portal" From ending the world, i assume because its the cause his son died for and he will honor his sons wish. The second beam is powered up and the tower shoots a third beam of light into the Clouds causing them to lift up as the protagonists girlfriend watches with joy, then the king tells her of the tragedy that took place and comforts her.

That sums it all in one nice big paragraph :P hope it helps!

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GoshaDole responds:

Yes! I'm glad people are getting it. A lot to tell in less than 4 minutes. The death of the son doesn't actually cause the end of the paralysis field though as much as the king just stops it. The son just did that as an attempt to get the message to the bad king. The protagonists king sent him specifically knowing he would be the only one that could successfully be able to deliver the message, no matter the costs involved.

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