Raphael's Shooting Game

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This is the first section of what I hope to be a sucsessful series! Sorry there is no sound, but if the votes it gets are high enough, I may be bothered to put sounds into the next one...
And I hope some people can appreciate the code that went into this, just think about that when you vote!


Very good, needs tweeking.

Add some WAV. files and some healing stuff and more weapons. Then your in!


well um if i was u...i would use sound and not make a 2nd

Good Game

Morguline you fag! I'd Like to see you try and make this game on any program you jealous twat. Eat shit and die.

Nice Job making this game, its good. I know how hard it is to make this shit so that faggot morguline who said this sucked and he could've made it on his paint program can go do everyone a great big favour and die!

Holy shit that sucked.

Here's some friendly advice for your next attempt at flash:

Don't do it.

I could have made that shit on paint.

Boring for many reasons:

1. no upgrades/power-ups
2. only 1 kind of an enemy
3. only 1 landscape
4. ugly graphics

Da-RaZZMaN responds:

You fool! you diss of my game now, just because you have your "The Quest For Coins" game! But I am making a platform game that will be so good it will make you look like the fool you are!

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3.01 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2002
4:11 PM EDT
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