Peggy in Puritan Times

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For no reason, Peggy is now a member of Puritan society in the early 1600s. This is the first of her adventures.


Taking her behind the church defeats the purpose. You're supposed to burn them out in the public square so everyone knows what happens to witches. Or did he wanna rape her before killing her?

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The flash is well done with a mix of three dimensional(the church) and two dimensional animation.The characters are quite well drawn except maybe the boy's face is a little uneven(maybe it is just the design style).The plot,though simple and quite predictable(the priest's sermons and the fact this is set in Puritan times(witch hysteria) pretty much set out the story and the rest goes downhill),the story flows out smoothly from the point when Peggy the protanogist explaining her intentions to the point of being misunderstood by the priest.The ending is a little sudden though,maybe it is missing the part with a public uproar when the priest announces Peggy's 'anti-Puritan' deed and the public screaming for her to be burned or hanged.Anyway,that would overly dramatic but it could be realistic enough to point out that the 1600s' witch trials was really a shocking and ridiculous section of history.Poor Peggy would not be missed badly as this is the first of her adventures or misadventures,so good work to the creator and hope to see more soon.

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Is that preacher Mitt Romney?

Iznvm responds:

Yeh.. I kinda used Mitt as a reference

Her first and last i suppose though this is about right for puritans in the 1600s

This looks pretty good! Can't wait to see the rest of this series.
I especially like the mix between 3D bakgrounds and 2D characters, but you may want to look into their juxtaposition when the characters are interacting with each other. The priest looked kind of small compared to Peggy WHILE she's sitting on the bench.

Iznvm responds:

Thanks for the post. I noticed the Preacher size thing as well, and will probably re render that scene in the next couple days and update this. Good eye sir=)

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3.55 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2012
10:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original