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Build up and command a fleet of ships while escaping the wrath of the Scourge in this space-themed Real Time Strategy.
Also available, a Skirmish Mode and Map Maker
(sorry I couldn't make it multi-player)

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very nice game indeed! and it isnt easy eather (yes i did beat it! yay me!) anyways on mission 6 the beam frigates seem to for some reason have trouble locking onto the radiation cloud. my fix was to fly them around it randomly until they did lock on (each one locked on at a different point) it took a while but it worked. oh and remember to keep some fighters with them for defence too! the beam frigates die pretty easy without protection. targeting wasnt realy much of an issue except that once the ships have locked onto somthing they wont unlock from it until its destroyed or they get too far away from it. other then that it was ok. oh on mission 10 you might want to ever so slightly reduce the ammount of enemies thrown at the player (that or reduce the range on the enemies beam destroyers) as i was getting shot at from half way across the map and could barely cope with it.

Awesome game but cant pass mission 6 from the campaigne, also i agree that the targeting is atroucios, please fix that or at least post how pass mission 6

this is my jam right here

I haven't played the Homeworld franchise, but I am a fan of Real Time Strategy games.

It is a great game. My only problem is that I still have to figure out in mission 6 about the Beam Frigate. The first time it worked, but now I am still having a problem. I sent it toward the Plixium to attack, but instead of stopping and attacking from a distance, it goes right into the radioactive cloud. But still, it is an interesting game.

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4.00 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2012
3:59 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)