Valbrook: Mammaries

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Valbrook, our little web series about a small town and it's diverse citizens! Southern hospitality, soul food, high school football, drunks, veiled racism, boobs, zombies, cats, midgets, haunted mansions, bumfights, unlimited free parking--this town has it all! We're sure you'll think it's a hoot 'n a half!

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My hometown of Chico is in Butte county California. I wonder if the creator of this video knows it is a real county.

insertnamehere85 responds:

There are a few countys call Butte. I am so sorry you originated from Butte! :/

i got to stop clicking on random videos ...

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The story was a little disjointed and seemed to lack real cohesion. However, the animation was really good as well as the voice acting. I see potential, so I hope this becomes a series.

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insertnamehere85 responds:

Yeah not really a story, not so much the point with these Quickies. Buttttt... I am working on a full fledged series with seven seasons consisting of about 12ish episodes all lasting around 30 minutes.
Now if I could find the time while working at Whole Foods, i can start the real stuff soon.

Two comments down about sums up why i don't go on Newgrounds as often anymore.

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insertnamehere85 responds:

It is also the only reason people will watch anything original on Newgrounds. This video is already has the highest view count for me this year. Sigh...

Love it !!

insertnamehere85 responds:

Thank you!

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3.37 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2012
12:50 PM EST
Comedy - Original