Tesla Defense

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Nikola Tesla has harnessed the power of his death ray into an arm-mounted cannon to win World War 2, just like in real life! Long live the Lightning King!

Zap enemies by clicking on them.
Deploy towers, mines, and use your orbital strike with keys 1-4.
Upgrade your stuff, and don't die!


One of the most prominent reasons why I enjoyed this game so much was because it is very forgiving. And as someone who doesn't like stressing out over such games, it's all good. It was short, sweet, and awesome. Thanks for this game, yo. Mucho appreciatado (totally made that up)!

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I actually found my NG pass just to tell you: Very nice game, not too short, not too long. Artwork and animations are just spiffy. I found it a bit easy, but it was still pleasantly challenging. I think you could make the waves a bit more varied. I felt like it's always 2 major attacks per wave plus a bunch of small mobs all the time. Sad to say, after playing it once, I only came back to it to get the achievement, haha. that's sad, I know. But a game having no replay value does not mean it failed in any way. Doubt you intended it to be an everlasting, time-consuming and soul-sucking MMO where the objective is depriving people of their life. All in all, with my 18 years experience as a gamer, I give you a big thumbs up. Keep creating man, for all us nubs with no spark ;3

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Great game, quick, fun to play and it has Nikola Tesla.

One interesting feature for a sequel would be being able to recharge the health of the ground coils and anti air towers using your lightning ray, and maybe a conquest map or something.
Facing off against Edison would be a treat too.

Excellent game overall.

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NSBrotherhood responds:

Thanks :) and thanks for an idea for a sequel.

fantastic idea.. very unique

5 Stars !!

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4.23 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2012
7:00 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense