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Tesla Defense

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Nikola Tesla has harnessed the power of his death ray into an arm-mounted cannon to win World War 2, just like in real life! Long live the Lightning King!

Zap enemies by clicking on them.
Deploy towers, mines, and use your orbital strike with keys 1-4.
Upgrade your stuff, and don't die!


It was a lot better once I discovered you could use hotkeys to build towers. However, it still would have been nice to let you hold shift to place a bunch of towers of the same type.

When it says it's telling you how much money you earned at the end of the round, it just tells you how much money you have total instead. It should tell you how much more money you have now than at the start of the round. And upgrades say they increase some stat by a certain percent, but it's not clear if that's in addition to the previous levels of that upgrade or if it's the total stat increase you'll be achieving.

I think there should be money bonuses for things like taking less damage.

And there should be an indicator when your towers can be rebuilt. Maybe the icon should flash and there should be a subtle noise. I often didn't realize I could build another tower until all my towers had been annihilated.

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I remember playing your first Tesla game, and this one is a marked improvement with better graphics, more upgrades, and lots more enemies to combat, even if the waves are a tad overwhelming at times.

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I hate how we have to rebuild all our structures at the beginning of each round.
Might not bother finishing this.

I loved your first Tesla defense game, and this one is just as great! better art, awesome designs. Its a bit easy, but still a fun leisurely game.

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I kinda suck at physic, but damn, this is straight fun^^

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4.23 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2012
7:00 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense