Skitzo-"Puppy Love"

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A piece of historical Skitzo animation! All copies of this particular cartoon "Puppy Love" was believed to be burned only days after its release to theaters in 1918. And because of this, a full version has never been found. Reports from old newspapers claimed this cartoon when watched in its full form, took over the souls of its watchers and led them to mass-murder, senseless rambling, and finally suicide by ripping their genitals off and bleeding to death. But luckily, animation archeologists uncovered a tiny scrap of this lost Skitzo cartoon on a decaying nitrate film buried and hidden away in the bunker of a dead satanic worshipper in Florida. ENJOY!

*On a side note yes I'm aware this is an old flash from last year, but I never posted it to NG...so now I am!

2nd edit!: Wow thanks a lot for the front page, I appreciate it!!

Skitzo the bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Music credits: "Waltz of Treachery" By Kevin MacLeod


I love how the flower is just like (hi skitzo's hand) and it dies after he picks it

Comick responds:

LOL yeah he didn't expect to get ripped from the ground! :b

dem furries <.<

Comick responds:

Wtf! Its a 1920's cartoon bear man, keep your own fantasies to yourself

remember me creepy pasta,nice movie :D

Comick responds:

lmao thanks :b

I love this! The animation, music, and sound are all great, I especially like the "old film" effects! I loved your older Skitzo cartoon, and it inspired me to create my own character. Thanks for making such strange and disturbing stuff!

Comick responds:

Thanks a ton! haha it did?? Cool! :D Also glad you liked it and thanks for watching it

Love your work crystal fantastic job also dat skitzo dance is amazing love those wobbly limbs

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Comick responds:

Thanks man! :) I appreciate the kinds words

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Nov 26, 2012
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