Skitzo-"Puppy Love"

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A piece of historical Skitzo animation! All copies of this particular cartoon "Puppy Love" was believed to be burned only days after its release to theaters in 1918. And because of this, a full version has never been found. Reports from old newspapers claimed this cartoon when watched in its full form, took over the souls of its watchers and led them to mass-murder, senseless rambling, and finally suicide by ripping their genitals off and bleeding to death. But luckily, animation archeologists uncovered a tiny scrap of this lost Skitzo cartoon on a decaying nitrate film buried and hidden away in the bunker of a dead satanic worshipper in Florida. ENJOY!

*On a side note yes I'm aware this is an old flash from last year, but I never posted it to NG...so now I am!

2nd edit!: Wow thanks a lot for the front page, I appreciate it!!

Skitzo the bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Music credits: "Waltz of Treachery" By Kevin MacLeod


Great flicks, bit nasty though, with themes as rape and mass murder

I'm guessing this was inspired by suicidemouse.avi or something similar? Still did it's job on freaking me out, good work :D

Comick responds:

Thanks!! Haha no he has nothing to do with youtube memes heh. Skitzo is a character in my graphic novel "In The Dark" and he currently resides in Hell killing and torturing people for his sadistic pleasures....but his back story was that he was once a 1920's cartoon character that had shorts in theaters but anyone watching them went insane and killed people and then themselves in time so all his cartoons were burned and destroyed. These flashes are tiny scraps of what's left of his old cartoons :) He's also a prominent recurring character in my 6-8ft long fine art paintings that I show in galleries.

You sick fuck (in a good way), you are the best horror monster that I have ever seen.

Comick responds:

Glad to hear you liked it haha! Thanks

Oh god this guy again

Kinda wish you actually made a proper ending to this rather then fade to black. Come on everyone needs a good scare every now and again no?

Comick responds:

haha thanks :) but yeah skitzo cartoons are meant to be seen as "scraps" since the idea is that they are being found from an older time and its a cartoon that was meant to be destroyed from history. But yeah I suppose I could work on making slightly longer scraps haha, thanks again!

Hey! he was being cordial! nothing wrong with someone with big ta-tas and you giving them flowers, a boner and a smile! ^_^

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Comick responds:

I agree! A dead bleeding flower is a real heart-warming gift right? hahah

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Nov 26, 2012
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