Skitzo-"Puppy Love"

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A piece of historical Skitzo animation! All copies of this particular cartoon "Puppy Love" was believed to be burned only days after its release to theaters in 1918. And because of this, a full version has never been found. Reports from old newspapers claimed this cartoon when watched in its full form, took over the souls of its watchers and led them to mass-murder, senseless rambling, and finally suicide by ripping their genitals off and bleeding to death. But luckily, animation archeologists uncovered a tiny scrap of this lost Skitzo cartoon on a decaying nitrate film buried and hidden away in the bunker of a dead satanic worshipper in Florida. ENJOY!

*On a side note yes I'm aware this is an old flash from last year, but I never posted it to NG...so now I am!

2nd edit!: Wow thanks a lot for the front page, I appreciate it!!

Skitzo the bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Music credits: "Waltz of Treachery" By Kevin MacLeod


i really dont know wat els to say but i liked it lol

Comick responds:

Thanks a lot! :D Glad you liked it!

Wait... was that his dick!?!

Comick responds:

I dont know what you are talking about hahah all i saw was a puppy dog in his pants! ;b

Original, which is what I like the most about the flash. Not the usual "Internet-submission of the generic trend that is currently active and flamed everywhere". For that Alone it get 3.5/5.
Having creative content in it, that is.

It was a nice and fairly formal censorship anyone can get behind which seems appropriate for a Disney inspired flash. What truly entertained me was the unexpected. All in all, well done.

Perhaps in time there will even be improvement, if so: I can't wait.

Comick responds:

Ah thanks for the kind words! Yes I try to think out of the box on my works and I'm sure to many people its far tooo out of the box for thier comforts haha but as long as there are people like you who can see and apprecaite it then I know that its only going to get better and better over time! Thanks again and yeah more animations to come :)

Ya know, I think I'm going to go out for a little mass shooting, then go for a nice walk up and down the street a few hundred times and finally get rid of those darn things that keep knocking against my thighs...
The toon was a little short for my taste but the transition from sane to lunacy happened at just the right speed. I could imagine a disney film going this way verrrrrrry easily. 3:)

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Comick responds:

HAHAHA well thats supposed to be what happens if you had watched the whole cartoon and not just a scrap of it...but maybe it was just as strong hehe. That would also explain why the film was found next to a dead guy I guess. Also thanks! Yeah I keep them short since they are meant to be lost "scraps" but who knows maybe we will "find" another with more footage some day :b

Love the effects used for the mess up part. The whole cartoon itself had a disturbing feel to it. I also really like the way you did the who classic cartoon look. But the only problem was that it felt too rushed. Now I like things that don't drag and all but this was honestly too short in my opinion.

But I loved it overall.

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Comick responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad the effects came out well :) and yeah Skitzo cartoons are always short little clips since the idea behind them is that they are only "scraps" of an old cartoon that was found from the 1920s. I might do a longer one some day though....thanks again!

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Nov 26, 2012
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