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After a rough re-introduction, Charlie educates Aiden on the concept of LI.BA.sie (Light-Based system of information export). Easier said than done.

(see end of video, credits reflect parts 1 through 4)


Well obviously you worked hard on these, i mean how easy can 3-d be without CGI eqipment and software, but what truly makes me watch these is the story, keep making em and ill keep watchin :p

wow.................. just.......................... wow.................

this is...... dare i say it....? its fucking awesome how the expansion of the world is done and how it works...

epic cliff hanger.... makes me think that the insanity symptom mentioned by the doc is not far from the truth...

there's definetly more to Aiden's memory loss than first expected or thought of... would be nice to get to see Geom's room in a future episode.

there's a few slight ticks in the video, now, i don't know if its production related or the viewer thats causing that... but i DID notice the "translators/transmitors" on the head of Charlie aren't glowing for most of the time they walk on the second floor after the "educational" lapsus on how to use the elevator. my guess is due to the shading it was sorta hard to either notice them not displaying or a simple forgetfulness. either way it doesn't really matter in the story xD

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Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Concerning charlie's thought articulators (that's what the floaty things are called), I had trouble with those because I didn't know how to "bake in" the animation at the time, so every time I opened up Lightwave it "reset" the lights... I had forgotten to re-setup the audio-to-luminosity setting before doing a 40+ hour render, so I decided to let it go and move on. I know how to fix the issue now at least. Learning 3d can frustrate the hell out of you :)

And to think I thought the previous ones were good, this is stretching the bar! Where do I start? First, it was a pleasure to watch this, thank you. This episode has done well explaining just how the world ticks, and it was done with flawless execution. At least he remembers how to talk...or, well, maybe Aiden forgot how to talk, but is being translated, who knows? strange strange strange. It's got cliff hangers, awesome attacks on friends, lost loves, there are some really twisty twist parts indeed. camera angles, bodily movements of fluidness, hollowgraphical fingering!

If I go on, I feel like i'll just ramble 'yer ear off.

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Wonderful job as usual! :)

furry power !!!! wooohooo

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2012
11:43 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place November 27, 2012