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The Towerman

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Author Comments

Relaxing game to spend some time throwing rocks.
Protect your tower from invaders either on single player or with a buddy on a hot seat 2 player game of defense.

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Good idea. Needs exspanding. Feels like im playing a game while waiting for a main to load. Add some items ya can buy for like an upgrade store for added benefits. New things to drop, maybe building defenses up the wall, powerups or something to make ya speedier with/out the rock. add different colored enemies that need specific things dropped on em. (Red=fire, blue=ice, oppisite colored balls with each ability to drop em, that sorta thing). Good idea though. Simple design and colors. Good effort.

loved it, it was simple and did exactly what it needed to. great progression of difficulty, and somehow made shooting approaching targets seem a little fresher than i would have expected having just heard about it. the only thing you REALLY need is a leader board, mochiads gives you one for free thats easy to deal with, so i'd suggest that for sure. but eh, i liked it as it is, really relaxing music too (sort of funny when you think about the fact that you're protecting china or something from the huns) . in absence of the leader board i'll post my score here : 221

good base for a game. Needs to be improved though.

Perhaps adding some bounce physics to the rocks or the red guys could keep things a bit more interesting.

Yerp yerp yerp! :D 117 score.

The first time I tried playing this the game appeared to be stuck at the sky screen, so I had to reload it. I don't know if its the fault of the game or the browser, the second time worked. As there isn't an apparent tutorial, if you press S or Down, your character will pick up a rock. Pressing it again will make him throw the rock down. A and D, and Left and Right, are obvious.

I was told that it was made by 2 Player Games... twice. Seems a little silly, but oh well.

Two player implementation seems like a nice idea and I've yet to try it, so my experience is on Player 1 only.

The game's core concept is nice. At first I thought it was incredibly easy which is a good thing, though it took me those first few levels to grasp that I had to not try to carry a rock to each side of the castle. I like that holding a rock slows the character down, as it does encourage on the fly thinking.

The enemies never varied, so by Level 5 I was already bored of the same enemy which took one rock to knock down (or a falling body, which is a humorous addition) that barely dodged at all. Make no mistake, enough of one enemy can be good, but only if you're intended to survive one minute at most. This doesn't seem to take that approach.

Many of the word art graphics are in mediocre quality, while the character models are in comparably much better quality. Everything, but the actual interface stands out to me for quality. It's not that it feels clunky, as much as, it LOOKS clunky. When I see it, I expect a cheaper made game than, well, what you have so far.

Next, I like that the enemies get progressively harder and spawn faster. I love that. I hate that the character doesnt get a relative strength higher. What I mean by that is, it'd be nice if I started moving faster as the enemies spawned faster. Then, the game doesn't have a hard cap on how high of a score I can get, as it becomes based more on player reaction time.

Additionally, as a review before me suggests, it'd be nice if I could pick up upgrades for my rock throwing. Even varying different types of rocks (one which splits on impact, or one which blows up, or one which homes on a nearby target... endless possibilities) and make a certain type be better for an X type of enemy. As well, it'd be nice to fight boss type enemies.

For what it is, a quick time wasting game, it's nice. But it doesn't draw me to play it more and more like it could.

3.5/5 Might Play Again. :)

I think this is a really good basic game and that you should build up from here. Add upgrades or in single mode add a buddy that had the same hit rate as you have. Maybe spice it up with a double sized enemy or an enemy wave. I would love it with upgrades, now I just like it.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2012
3:12 PM EST
Skill - Toss