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The Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge zombie, and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood zombie. All You Need Is Kill.


Nice concept, but its poorly executed. Like someon eelse stated, the power youcan get from using the skill point level up is not done well at all. A couple of levels using only that, taking some damage on the tower, and you kill everything like its nothing. Please revamp it. It can be better.

very easy plis mode hardcore ....


Verry adictive.

Decent concept, but just falls flat.

The leveling system can be easily be broken if you give a few points to the skill points per level each level. The power level up is useless after a few level ups because there are only 3 types of zombies. You level up way to frequently, especially during the later levels. The difficulty curb would seem to stop flat, if it wasn't for the upgrades making it go straight back down. My gun quickly got the firing power and speed of a sniper rifle, the shots per second of a pistol, and ammo of a H.U.G.E.. I literally have more than 1000 skill points that i haven't bothered to use because it's so easy.

The soundtrack is annoyingly repetitive, The ONE song (that plays for the whole game) you hear will grate on you nerves fairly quickly, and sound effects are basic at best.

Visually basic, the bullets are hard to see and the clouds just get in the way. The different zombies are just recolors, and Noah isn't even animated.

controls aren't bad, it would be hard to mess them up, just left and right to move and mouse click to shoot, well i found myself standing in the middle for most of the game, and still able to shoot everything before it came even halfway to my base. The moving was unnecessary, it could have easily been point at what you want dead and click.

I would suggest get a different leveling system, have some level caps, have more types of zombies, better difficulty curb, and maybe make it just shooting and not moving.

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2.59 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2012
8:39 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense