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Rocket Rush

rated 2.61 / 5 stars
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Skill - Avoid

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Nov 20, 2012 | 5:33 PM EST

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Author Comments

Rocket rush is a fast paced arcade style dodger with a touch of horizontal flight shooting aimed at racking up the highest possible high score you can achieve.
(note: this is an incomplete game and the controls must be updated to improve game-play experience, among other things)

Game Controls:
Up and Down - control the rocket (press not hold)
Right or Space - fires laser cannon thingy (if you have ammo)
Esc - pause game, press any game control to unpause

Game notes:
Yellow item (star) - awards you some points
Orange item (magnet) - allows you to collect more stars for a limited period
Red item (health cross) - removes 1 damage from the rocket
Purple item (magnet) - gives you some ammo for the laser cannon thingy
Blue item (shield) - allows you to be invulnerable for a limited period
Green item (magnet) - increases your point multiplier by 1

Passing asteroids safely awards you some points. Also you earn points over time. The rocket takes 3 hits and you lose. The game will speed up as you score gets larger. [there is a crash at 1 million points] [Game has a focus error after hitting main menu "PLAY" button, make sure to click onto the stage to activate the controls]
At the main menu only play works, the other options were planned future features.

Project notes:
Senior Diablo - Dakota and Levi
The class project's aim was to be a two-man team (partnership) project. We had 4 weeks to complete this project. This was our second project as a team (Senior Diablo) and our first full game for either of us. This project was created for a project in our scripting I class (immediately following from - around august). Levi made most of the game art (seen and unseen) while Dakota made the items, hud, most animations and programmed the game.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

good idea, but controls are horrible. stopped playing after 2 tries.

TeamSeniorDiablo responds:

I'll make sure to let you know when I find the time to code the game properly
- Dakota


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Feh, Same old avoid theme but with really junky controls. 1 star, bleh.

TeamSeniorDiablo responds:

Thank you for trying the game and Reviewing, but constructive criticism is preferred.
- Dakota


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I tried really hard to like this game.. Got a high score of 16k+... The controls are a real issue. I am okay with a game being difficult, but the difficulty should be in navigating the terrain, not the navigation itself. The arrows work ONLY if you tap them. If you touch the arrow for to long then your ship does nothing. This is very hard to do. Also, I didn't really like that after you hit a meteor you go into an "invincible" mode. Meaning invincible from everything. Including the stars, the meteors, and the power ups. I would prefer no invincibility from anything over that. The menu buttons don't work. There is no way to go back to the menu after you start and finish the game. These are all things that need fixing in my opinion. One last thing, just to add to the user experience, there should be some kind of stats. Sure the points system is there but I would also like to see either how far I flew, or at least how long I was flying.

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TeamSeniorDiablo responds:

ON the controls, It was before i knew about switch-case and was using if (event.keycode) which had huge lag with keyDown, but worked much better with keyUp. I'm definitely writing down all of your comments. Our original concept was to have the mouse control the rocket (we were beginners at the time, and couldn't handle advanced code) [Your input on this would be greatly appreciated]

Stats like distance (or time), how many asteroids you hit, destroy or shield against would certainly be easy.

For the invincibility after being hit, picking stars/items would certainly be easy to fix. I'll also makes sure to place in that back to menu button at the replay screen and definitely get a real pause menu.

Side note, We didn't even know about the Rocket Rush game on Newgrounds and will properly rename this game to something like Diablo's Rocket Rush or something.

Thank you for your true to heart response and constructive criticism.
- Dakota


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Way more fun than I thought it would be based on your icon. The graphics are bloody charming and the powerups were fun. I would have liked an easier way to reverse your movement. As it stands I was tapping furiously to avoid meteors (and ultimately wasn't able to).

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TeamSeniorDiablo responds:

I'll definitely have Levi make one epic icon for this game just because of this response =)
It's good to hear your game-play experience was similar to ours even with the bad controls. And yes those darn meteors are tricky sometimes,
Thank you for your honest response
- Dakota


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It looks so so, but the menu buttons didn't work for me, (except play), and the gameplay was pretty booring because the ship moves soooo slooooow.

TeamSeniorDiablo responds:

At the main menu only play works, the other options were planned future features.
Project notes:"

On the slow part, you most likely didn't collect many points did you?
- Dakota