Incredipede - World 1

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A new physics puzzler by Colin and Sarah Northway, makers of Fantastic Contraption and Rebuild. Build fantastic creatures then control their muscles to make them walk. Play through World 1 and control thousands of user-generated creatures for free. Unlock the rest of the game including level editor by buying it from http://incredipede.com.


Very good game. Adding a story at the beginning was a nice touch, it would have been kind of weird to get no context on this one. Beat the whole demo and had fun. I actually wish this had kind of QWOP controls instead of just jam on the 'D' button. Some of your levels made me mess with left or right but most of it I was just holding down D. Visuals and music are top notch of course.

Also, for the express yourself level I just did a boring 2 legged roller, mostly because the level itself was just flat. I might have been more inclined to be expressive in that level if I had more expressive options like leg color choices and accent pieces like in Spore or if there were more things to do and explore with my creature... though perhaps that comes with the full game?

Also seems a bit pricy, but I hope it sells well. This is a really polished and well done game.

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I enjoyed building the creature to reach the exit. It allows you to either go for the straightforward solution, or create a waving monstrosity that takes half an hour to reach the exit (though hilariously).

The $14.99 price tag for the full game is a bit steep. It would be good as a $0.99 - $3.99 app for mobile devices.

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Reminds me of Fantastic Contraption......... Overall Decent game. not really 5 stars though.

I can't stop noticing the inspiration from the game "spore", but still very creative with the use of the muscles, great graphics, realistic physics, also love the soundtrack, it fits the theme perfectly. All in all, a great and original game.

I like it, its a new twist on a game dynamic, however it all seems to be a bit too easy. I dont think its worth 14$ for a full version. There are other games with similar dynamics that you can play for free. Maybe if you lowered the price to 5$ or even 0.99$ people would be more willing. However, it is indeed something original with its own art and concepts plus i can see that you put a fair ammount of effort into it so I will give you 4 stars.

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3.93 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2012
2:38 PM EST
Puzzles - Other