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Mutt Hoss

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Nov 20, 2012 | 2:00 AM EST

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It just kind of drives you in. Half mutt, half horse, all MUTT HOSS.

Live the hoss, be the Hoss. Eaglerock Interactive brings you another adventure sure to guarantee joy. Music by unknown, a midi file I found.. Get you into the season and stuff.

Below is a walkthrough/guidethrough.
. Since
We'll start you off with an oldschool ERI logo, just to set it off, but then it's straight to action!

Hint: Press backspace to repreview ANY board you want! Like if you wanna see that logo again? now you can!

2 Z to attack, x to i dunno.. Well, go ahead and shoot that tree.. you can try jousting it if you want.. get to 80... I don't know why I decided 80..

3 OKAY hit up the logo. I drew this one myself. Charcoal, Pastels, the works. Traditional.

Okay now the hut is throwing guns around. You have to be ready right? Throw up them guns.

Okay eXtreme beach time. Ever been to the beach? well you and the eiffel tower can. Ever been to the eiffel tower? You can find it on a map if you want.

Glitchy sidescroller time. Run to the right and witness the amazing effects on a creaky old boat.. It's sort of like that level of uncharted 3

Animated background borrowed from King of Fighters, you are in another battle.. You have to give the big guy with a monocle something to drink to calm him down... press Z to throw wonderful mixed fruity girl drinks at him and he loves to drink them.

Next up, catch the flowers, dodge the lasers.

Okay PLOT BOARD.. Press H to neigh.. Press h on any frame to neigh. Enter continues.

This next frame paces for the next frame... Listen to the music... Wait for the moment, press enter when ready.

eXtreme winter beach volleyball time. You get the mutt as your partner, you spar against santa and one of his reindeer. A wonderful game... Press P when you're done playing..

You've reached the end. Yes, Mutt hoss may lack plot, simple in gameplay, but rich in beats and visual effects and will get you whispering about it to the next individual. Please share the wealth of the knowledge, be the Mutt Hoss, and yeah, just live it up sir and/or ma'am. Thank you for playing



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think I've finally figured out this game. The game symbolizes the journey of life in America, with each chapter representing a certain struggle one may encounter throughout their lifetime.

It starts out with the picture of the bald eagle (a symbol for American freedom) and we are 'born' into a free world. Suddenly, a mist of jumbled-up nonsense starts to cover the screen, with the words, "I make it my business". This represents the government already intervening into your life at a young age [giving you a social security number] which necessarily a bad thing.

Next, you are cast into society as a knight in shining armor. You are a knight because you are an American, the most superior race. You are tasked with flinging 80 ice skaters into an American pine tree. The 80 ice skaters represent the amount of months you spend in the school system (about 8 months per year, starting with kindergarten). After ten years, you find yourself in your freshman year of high school.

The Mutt Hoss logo scrolls up to the middle of the screen, letting you know that you are about to enter the most crucial part of the game... and your life.

You are on the beach, and you discover that you are the Eiffel tower. Have you ever felt so out of place before? You struggle to fit in, denying who you really are on the inside to conform to the trendy environment that surrounds you. But ok, as long as you remain true to yourself, and move along the RIGHT path, you will move on successfully.

The next chapter of your life is symbolized by a ship going down in flames. Objects are being tossed left and right as you sit there wondering what to do. This is a lot like your twenties. You have almost no money, and you are working very hard to keep whatever you have afloat. The struggle of your twenties is basically caused by the large amount of debt you have acquired so far, whether it be from student loans or credit card debt. It is a natural part of the American lifestyle to be in debt at that age. But ok, because your life will move onto the next chapter before you know it.

Your thirties hit you like a brick wall. Now you stand as a weak, insignificant blob. You notice that while America is thriving with an increase of culture and innovation, the rest of the world seems to be burning to ashes around you. You think to yourself, "You know what, I guess I'm lucky to be an American after all." You see a giant angry head coming right at you. Oh great, it's your boss... You feed him various alcoholic drinks to get on his good side, and look! Your crooked ways have paid off! That's how it works in America; it's all about kissing up to your boss. You are promoted to next chapter of your life.

What? What is this? This emptiness feeling. Is this my midlife Why, yes it is. hit your forties, a time filled with regret and disappointment. Sure, you may have done a lot with your life, but think of all the things you never got to do! You feel constantly mocked by the fake happiness you once felt. It haunts you. been following the predetermined path that this game has set for you. been questioning the game this whole time, yet you never once strayed from its plotline. You are stuck in the abyss of calamity and failure. And nothing you can do. Go ahead, press to neigh. Neigh as much as you want. It fucking matter.

And finally, as your American life draws near its end, you face the symphony of despair. You have a few waking years left. You remember your bucket list, which you threw into a box many years ago, hoping to never be reminded of your foolish hope for a worthwhile life. You laugh as you read the very first thing on your bucket list; Extreme Beach Volleyball with Santa and his Reindeer. How foolish of you to think that you could have done something so fun and fulfilling. You die of old age, and the symphony of despair echoes through the air as your casket is laid into the earth. Your soul, however, lives on. It floats to the majestic gates of Heaven, where you are welcomed with open arms by Santa and his Reindeer. In the afterlife, you spend most of your days playing extreme beach volleyball (which never seems to have an actual ending). You contemplate your achievements, and you reminisce about your most fond memories.

And with the conclusion of the game, we are reminded that in the end, everyone is a winner. To be blessed with the gift of life alone is something that everyone should be grateful for.

ghettoflower responds:

Alright, there are some miscalibrations there but for the most part you've pretty much described it to a tee. I am glad you took the time to play through it and make your analysis. I hope the backspace button helped you review a level again if needed to. And I really do appreciate this review a lot. It's not much, but you've got a good gist of flow here and I could use the direction wherever I get it, not quite eye to eye but in a similar realm.

I just didn't think Mutt Hoss's cultural impact would happen in June of all times and I am just now getting all the input on an otherwise quiet game. I embraced it while it lasted, but a breakdown like this is worth the break of silence and I appreciate the kind words. Thank you for providing them. -b!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

5/5 Would play again.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I thought this was great. When I went to the last page of the games by score I thought there would only be shit at the end of the rainbow. I was wrong, and for a first game?! god I could only hope to do half as good!

Besides who would dislike the fact you are a knight on his magical horse of destiny with ice skating ninjas on your lance?

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v v v remove these if you wish to see the picture.

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1. Don't talk about Fight club.
2. < That is the number two.
3. Ignore number two.
4. Great game I genuinely had fun playing this.
5. The music is great very fitting.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

a conceptual masterpiece


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really liked this game, i really like holiday theme too it too. This music is real baby makin music, i feel like I could get it on with a woman with this music on a loop.