The doorbell

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The doorbell is a humorous story about a man who cant understand why nobody is answering the door upon his ringing of the doorbell


Sound: 6/10 once again music would have been nice. Maybe a doorbell that could sound like a women sounding surprised? maybe it exists. But what you have now kinda fits.
Animation: 5/10 needs work. Could develope into a style. Like the guys face. The girl though.... could have finished her body. Even if you censored it it would have been nice to at least see that she does have a lower half. Also her face? showed emotion but lacked detail. Oh and your finger looked like it belonged to an 80 year old man.
Idea: Good but not enough build up. Also didnt explain context or why he didnt understand. Maybe make him blind and have people gather behind him and point.

It was funny, but the animation was pretty ameature.

I saw it coming the first time he rung the doorbell. :p

Quite funny. Simple, sounds go well with animation, cool design style. Totally didn't see that coming at the end. Funny!

Damn man this is funny. I liked this. Anyway I liked the idea there are a few bad things here. The quality it's not very good and the sound was awful. I give 3.5 for the funny idea.

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2.32 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2012
12:59 AM EST
Comedy - Original