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This is the game I made to learn the flixel framework. Instructions are in-game, as well as a link to a video walkthrough. Enjoy!

Frontpage! I did not expect that. Thanks for the reviews everyone, they're really helpful.


It's definitely new. Played out hack'n'slash or nock-over-all-the-objects (What have you) that offer nothing new deserve no praise. Innovative and curious. I mean I couldn't get into it. But it's still something different and a step forward in game development, which is what counts, for the most part.

Not bad, nice programming, cool concept, but it's just too repetitive and it relies into much on timing random than thinking. I also don't like how you took advantage of the fast the character only moves when he's falling...so you do that stupid ledge-falling tactics, really annoying and hard to get...especially when I have to do more than once per level (with one jump).

Not bad. Graphics were nice and retro, jump physics were mostly solid. Perfecting sliding after a jump was very bothersome though as one single screwed slide can mean you have to restart a level entirely.

its not bad i enjoyed playing it i was rather good at the first 15 levels but most gamers with attention spans like mine prefer something with a little more change, i enjoy the platform and pixels but i coulnt go through the whole game out of lack of change so i got a little bored with the tedious gameplay

I don't want to maliciously lower your score, so I gave you three, but I played for about... 35 seconds and said nope.

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3.41 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2012
1:36 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle