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A very addictive Action Platformer game with zombies and kick-ass guns. Kill zombies, collect apples, food, coins and make the highest score. Browse through 12 items at the shop and upgrade your character to be a more efficient zombie killer.


As a critic, i should say repetitive,

But as a gamer, this game is addicting.

pretty good...

It's nice that you listened to players and learned your lesson since Zuper Green - without having to race against the screen game is way more enjoyable, and playing as punk shooting zombies in urban environment is definitely more memorable than generic astronaut shooting generic aliens.
Still, game could use more random map segments - they quickly begin to repeat, and it's kinda jarring. More difficult enemies with varied behaviours (fast, jumping, shooting, exploding) could be useful too.
Not bad.

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Not bad at all. Pretty good time waster. Didnt really feel like i was really doing anything past the first 5 minutes. there was nothing new. and as soon as i upgraded my guy twice, it instantly became pointless because of how long it took to upgrade and how much the upgrades made a difference.

good over all, movement was a little sticky, and so was the jumping. the game just repeats itself. no bosses. nada... reguardless. an alright game overall.

Good, but... A little repetitive? Maybe break it up into multiple levels and save points?

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3.21 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2012
9:37 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun