Treasure Tower Trouble

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Climb as high as you can in a jungle tower with infinite floors, collecting as much treasure as you can before the tower sinks into the swamp!
Use each unique abilities to climb higher, jump off walls and climb up ledges, and get caught in the rising water!
Try and unlock all 10 characters!
Read about my upcoming games at dustinauxier.com!

Default Controls:
Arrow Keys + Z and X
WASD + K and L.
Controls can also be customized in-game.


I just can't liek anything that relies on wall jumping, since that concept was dumb and annoying 8 years ago, and even moreso now that it has been done to death. Plus, I need three hands if I want to replay since they can't just allow me to easily use the R key to do so.

DustinAux responds:

Jump or Attack restarts the level.

So this here game... this here game be gud. I gots 282,421 with Jill on my 3rd try.

Like a review written before me noted, it does take a moment to get used to it. I died pretty quickly with a lame score of about 2-3k. Once I understood it (and started wall jumping off of everything), I found myself easily going up the floors, and many times, I did suicidal jumps just to get diamonds, emeralds, and even sapphires, as little as they're worth.

The water rises faster with each level, but its not til about level 10 that it actually means anything. Once you get to 10 though, you cannot "fall" at all, or you'll hit the water almost instantly. It's not that hard to avoid falling, assuming you don't try to play like I did and collect every shiny gem you see. But that's the risk-reward part of the game that makes it pretty fun!

That the game even offers customizable controls is pretty nice, but I was pretty happy with the arrow-keys and Z-X setup. I might have switched Z for space, but only if I didnt need X for anything. Which, I do. Bats are annoying. Not tedious to remove, just something that needs to be. Similar to the furball creatures found in Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, these things simply slow and inhibit the character's movement. Albiet, its not that much, its obvious in a game like this that losing even the slightest will probably kill you. It'd be nice if bats meant something like losing treasure as well if you keep them on you. Or make them slow you some more. Dodging them is rather easy.

Another slightly annoying feature is the hidden walls and floors. Specifically the floors. I almost died twice because I was running and expected to jump, only to find myself falling into a hidden floor. Walls are fine, and so are the ceilings, but it'd be nice if the floors didn't fall through like so. That, or if the hidden sections had a slight indicator so I could know whether I need to jump or not jump before running over a section.

Also, the start of each level practically forced me to do a wall jump off the side. I don't know if its a glitch, bug, or whatever, but it felt a little limiting that I could jump onto a platform (without wall jumping or wall hanging) at the beginning of each level.

I discerned what Jump, Speed, and Attack do, but what does Floatiness mean in the stats? Obviously I can't float in the torrent of water, and it doesn't seem to make me float in air...

Ooh, can I request a custom character feature? Where the gear you wear is what determines the stats? And I can change the gender and face and hair and all sorts of things, and put futuristic tron stuff on him/her? :D

I love the style of the graphics. It's pixellated, but clearly done with intent and extremely colorful. The interface looks great (though I couldn't immediately tell where the keys were to unlock gold chests), and the collecting the gems felt intuitive, not required. It'd be nice to have milestones for score (such as 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 35,000, 50,000, etc) reported in the center (where the bonus is) and whenever I'm out of keys.

I'd definitely love to play this on my Android device as well, and see more features to it. What's there works beautifully and should definitely be improved upon. 4.5/5, would play again. :p

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Good game, but too easy. You should make engineers jetpack run out of fuel or something. Now you can just easily fly upwards infinitely and not even be bothered that there's a bat sitting on your head.

pretty good but controls could be better

Very addicting. I couldn't stop playing. It is an amazing game I really got into.

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3.47 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2012
1:43 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other