every 1direction fan ever

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1d is da greatest thing 2 happen to musik yes thanks

wow front page? THANKS SO MUCH YOU SEXY FUX @ NG


umm...one serious question what the heck was that strange thing all about@_@
not a bad flash but a weird one don't know what to say i'm not into weird stuff so i'm gonna give this 2.5/5 and hopefully you'll make something better than just this weirdenest thing called short flash of a crazy girl or boy or whatever was that I really need fresh air after this=_=

Oh my go-ha-ha-d!

That is funny shit!
As Pokie Shit right :'D?!

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Wow, you took it to the next level there! It would have made more sense if you called this video "Evert 1direction fan put into one person". Then all that over-the-top behaviour from this here character would make sense.

I really dont get it. You could replace the One Direction posters with literally anything else and boom you got yourself a video that shits on a particular group. If it had something that could be more connected to their fanbase it would be much better.

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Animation was fairly good at the start, but went downhill - the part where only the features of the face moved were the weakest. Still, that's what I'd say was the only passable part of this.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it's particularly funny to post things like this. You're not particularly making a point, because you could substitute any boyband/pop artist in your title and it would be much the same. Unless you've got a specific point, posting a hate video like this is a worthless endeavour. If you're just trying to mock a specific group of fans of a music group you dislike, it may be an idea to at least acknowledge that they have the right to listen/support anyone who they want. If you want to mock them, come up with specific ways these fans might act; not a generalised charicature of ten cartoon characters who you think are funny.

Using over-the-top characters with no substance or style (or point) was overused about 15 years ago; now it's downright laughable and certainly doesn't raise you above the level of the people you are desperately trying to mock.

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Nov 16, 2012
4:44 PM EST
Comedy - Original