Legend of Dragoon

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This was my Game Tribute Legion competition entry. The rules were to choose a game and make an animation from it. I chose Legend of Dragoon because its just a fantastic game, yet people dont know much about it. I want to get it known a little better.
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thank you for the nostalgia and thank you for making a successful animation of this game. Now to play this game again! =D

even though they were stick figures the nostalgia swept over me. very cool.

I love the legend of dragoon. It to me is a RPG done RIGHT. Excelent character development, solid sotry line, memorable bosses, basically not one thing is wrong with this game. The only complaint i have is that is not a HD release made of this game. Seriously How many reboots did FFIV get? Chrono Trigger is another fav of mine and it got a reboot, why not Legend of Dragoon? I know there are fans that would love to see it be remade in HD, myself included. Great Job btw reminding me of the epic game that is The Legend of Dragoon

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This was awesome! Brought back memories, And omg the music! amazing! And damn it, i read a few posts saying, don't do dragoon on lloyd. There's a talisman in that game that prevents one hit kills! i remember cause i abused it! Lloyd would waste his time trying to kill someone who was unkillable!
But back to the animation, It is a great Tribute to LoD, It would be great if you expanded on it or even made a godly version of it. Keep up the good work man.

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thanks for bringing back memories. i miss those days... :)

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Nov 16, 2012
3:10 PM EST