Legend of Dragoon

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This was my Game Tribute Legion competition entry. The rules were to choose a game and make an animation from it. I chose Legend of Dragoon because its just a fantastic game, yet people dont know much about it. I want to get it known a little better.
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Uh... Lyodd? Llyod? Man, his name is changing fast, yet never made correct - Lloyd.
I didn't really feel much from this. Dart and Albert got all of the screentime (and I'm trying to not be biased by the fact that I'm totally fanboying Meru and Haschel), Lloyd is all like "Oh, I'm so badass" and then "Please, not in the face..."
Long story short - this wasn't epic enough ._.
All in all - this game could use more love from the community, and I'm grateful that you're trying to provide just that.

AngelXMIkey responds:

^^^^^ look at the response above.

That was pretty good even for me that didn't know the game. I liked the sound and the desing. That crappy quality effect you gave it made it pretty good. The animation was very smooth and I liked your choice of songs. 5 stars for you.

thanks for bringing back memories. i miss those days... :)

thank you, you brought me back to playing all 4 discs again haha

I was expecting to be horribly disappointed and offended...I wasn't. Good job, i'd like to see an improved version, but still good job.

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3.88 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2012
3:10 PM EST