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Jetpacks and Zombies

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You've received the radio signal, but can you reach the colony alive?

Blast your way through the zombie apocalypse, but keep an eye out for fuel canisters, med-kits, cash and ammunition and survivors to rescue.

Buy items and unlock achievements.


Although the game's designs and plot are simple,it is quite fun just senselessly blowing out some zombies' brains (Bloody fun,that is.)However,sometimes,it just seem that the zombies can hurt the character without touching him directly or maybe it is just close quarter combat.The game's difficulty becomes too easy with fireams,even the revolver(or a pistol) can last through the whole game which is too short,disppointing anyone hoping to fight a boss or more badass enemies.Although this games feels a little rushed with not much of an ending,kudos to the creator for putting time and effort to create this enjoyable game.
(More melee weapons like swords and a chainsaw could be included and more weapons with slightly higher prices(everything is too cheap) and there may be an error when the riot gear is bought before the kelvar vest but then the character would be using the vest,unable to switch to riot gear.)

I loved the ingenuity of incorporating a jetpack into a zombie bashing game. and i always like being able to earn money in-game and spend it in between levels.

Having a jet pack as a mechanic almost immediately makes a game better in my opinion, and the scaling difficulty was all well and good for the first three levels. But by level four, I'd stopped using the jet pack altogether and just ran across the bottom firing my shotgun wildly. It's a great concept of a game, but I'd like it a bit more if the jet pack was more important in later levels. I did have fun playing it.

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3.35 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2012
12:49 AM EST
Action - Other