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Mutant Alien Assault

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Author Comments

Mutant aliens, guns, gore and dub step! What more could you ask for in this frantic, platform arena, combat game. Vicious aliens are boarding your ship. Hyper jump is your only chance to escape. Fend off the mutants with a variety of weapons while you fuel the ship's reactor core. Can you survive the alien assault though 5 Sci-Fi inspired levels? Yes? Then test your mettle in survival mode and compete with the world to see just how long you can survive.


Setup 1:
Move: Left & Right Arrow
Jump: X or Up Arrow
Shoot: C
Gun Dispenser: Down Arrow

Setup 2:
Move: A & D
Jump: K or W
Shoot: J
Gun Dispenser: S

NOTE: Rather then clog up the comments with my thank you's, just wanted to say one big thank you to everyone who likes the game and left a positive review. Cheers!


Sorry, but this just isn't very fair of a game. I definitely like the premise, but the rules are too inconsistent to make it very enjoyable. For example, the enemies initially seem to be going on a pattern, but in reality they seem to PERFECTLY drop down the moment you cross under their path, and they fall so quick they will knock your weapon away. It's the same for when most enemies are jumping and you try to time your jump over them down to a lower platform; they suddenly break out of their pattern to perfectly intersect and rob you of your weapon. No amount of baiting can overcome this, I've tried.

The player's jump and momentum also comes as a disadvantage. In fact, I question why you made the guy so speedy to begin with, since the levels are not that large so problems stemming from too much backtracking would not be an issue. The level of inertia and velocity you pick up is too much and simply inconvenient in this sort of game, we aren't playing Sonic here are we? Even so, not even Sonic picks up speed as quickly as this guy does; combined w/ the erratic speed of some enemies and their sudden shifting patterns mentioned above, and it just becomes artificially cruel. As for the jumping, it's more like a bunny or grasshopper, not a very good fit for this sort of platformer

Another issue is the speed of the gun dispenser...with all the stuff mentioned above, it's just too slow to recharge. And surviving without a weapon is almost impossible b/c of the issues I mentioned earlier, not to mention the possibility of jumping over enemies is negated by the low ceiling clearance of some parts of the stages. There's literally no way to position your jump so when your head hits the ceiling the arc of the drop won't land you on an enemy. Even if it doesn't come down to that, it seems the collision detection is very big on the player, so a slight misstep pixels into the wrong way (very easy to do) will result in death. Very frustrating.

This game is aesthetically great and the music (not a big dubstep fan, but I don't really HATE it either) and sound effects are polished. The hyperwarp idea is also neat. Unfortunately this game is just riddled with design issues that create artificial difficulty on the player. Don't try to fix it w/ checkpoints or other band-aids of the sort; just take my advice and the successor will definitely live up to the unfulfilled promises this one has. But until then, I can only give you two and a half stars out of five. Try smarter next time.

essentially a sort of poor version of super crate box

A shining example of poor design.

Pulse charge should roll over.
Needs more achievements to give pulse charge, or more pulse charge from achievements.
If you have pulse charge it should make a pop-up when you have no ammo to remind you of it. When you're in the moment it's too easy to forget.
It's pretty pointless buying the steam version, it doesn't add any new things.

"Rather then clog up the comments with my thank you's, just wanted to say one big thank you to everyone who likes the game and left a positive review. Cheers!"

It seems as though the author of game appears to only appreciate positive reviews. I think thanks should also go out to people who use criticism in a constructive manner. Face facts, the only way you will become a better game designer is to accept criticism, deflate your ego and consider changes. I don't think people want an "easy" game where there are no challenges, but as many have stated, this game certainly can use changes. I have seen suggestions as upgrades, giving a bit more survival chances when the players has no weapon, more consistency when enemy movement and weapon strength. All of these are valid ideas. Overall the concept is good, but the execution and playability leave much to be desired. It lacks sustainability on the playing field and in turn this will affect interest level. As of now, the game design's critical points overshadow the good intentions.

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2012
8:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other