Mutant Alien Assault

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Mutant aliens, guns, gore and dub step! What more could you ask for in this frantic, platform arena, combat game. Vicious aliens are boarding your ship. Hyper jump is your only chance to escape. Fend off the mutants with a variety of weapons while you fuel the ship's reactor core. Can you survive the alien assault though 5 Sci-Fi inspired levels? Yes? Then test your mettle in survival mode and compete with the world to see just how long you can survive.


Setup 1:
Move: Left & Right Arrow
Jump: X or Up Arrow
Shoot: C
Gun Dispenser: Down Arrow

Setup 2:
Move: A & D
Jump: K or W
Shoot: J
Gun Dispenser: S

NOTE: Rather then clog up the comments with my thank you's, just wanted to say one big thank you to everyone who likes the game and left a positive review. Cheers!


Why is everyone complaining that this game is difficult? I can beat this game just fine. If you can't, it's because you suck. Don't blame the creator.
What, you want everything given to you on the first try? Go play a point-and-click with a walkthrough.

This game is incredibly fun. The concept is so simple, yet becomes surprisingly tactical with the time limit and the sheer ease of death. Deciding what enemies to attack and which to avoid, it gets really intense. The controls are excellently calibrated and the weapons are varied and fun to use.

Screw the crybabies, this game deserves 5. Make more maps for it.

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I honestly found no problem with this game.
Those who complain just aren't good enough I suppose :P

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Boring. The creator of this game must play and see what a mess he made. Once the robot is hit, the weapon disappears?! The longer you don't hit a monster, the more powerful they get?! Beat that to me, some enemies can fly and I had to jump and attack. What a waste of ammo! Plus, the design makes the level easier to beat, but this may give difficulty. It is REALLY very frustrating. :(

P.S. As I get hit, I lose my weapons and I jump up to get a weapon. But the orange monster pounced on me and I lost!

You really should re-do this game. It's really lame when you make it this hard. Did you even try to play it after you've done it? This is insulting.

I love this game! Favorited as well. I love the challenge and i love the idea that in this game the weapon also serves as armor. It gets frustrating at times, but it adds to the ambience perfectly.I Liked the diversity of the weapons, bazooka, double uzi, sniper,mines. My only problem is that there should be more levels! Hahaha loved the game man, good job!

Perhaps in the sequel, you'll allow the monsters to upgrade to level 3?

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4.45 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2012
8:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other