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Pappy La Sausage takes his neurotic dog out to do his business and gets more than he bargained for...

Edit: Thanks for featuring this on the front page and for all the awesome comments! I really appreciate it, I made this 6 months ago as an outlet for some frustrations I was having, I didn't expect it to do well :)


Good job!

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This was really good and original characters reminded me of ren and stimpy

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Oh man I love this. This was fantastic and it's sad to see it's not getting as much love as it deserves.

Hornybeeee responds:

Thanks haha, newgrounds truly is a fickle place

Wow that went from harmless to dark in a heartbeat. Nice one !

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This. Fricken... If youve Ever owned a Dog. This.
Every day you take out the dog, and its fine, the dog poops, you go inside.
BUt sometimes...
And its never on a nice day no, its on one of those terrible days, where its freezing, maybe even rainy, and no matter how many layers you put on, it still hurts to go fucking outside.
And on those days. Those days, the dog.
He'll run around for what seems like hours but never take a dump.
Usually he takes 5 minutes, but not today, nooope.
Hes gonna make you suffer.
You wonder if he can even feel how cold and miserable it is outside.
but nope, hell just keep walkin around, never doin his business.
You'd just take him in, but you know hell just shit on the carpet in an hour if he doesn't go now.

And then.
Then it happens.
Finally, He squats down...
His body tenses up
His face contorts in the same way a small child's does when you feed it Lima Beans
And he SQUEEEZES with all his might.
only for the tiniest fraction of a joke of a turd to pop out.
And you stare in disbelief.
because you know he ate a whole lot more than that.
There should be a steamer not some rabbit pellet.
And then you find yourself fighting your own thoughts.
Your inb a lose lose situation.
You could either stay out there, until he goes for real.
Or you go in, and hope that that little thing "Counted", and that a turd wont end up on the floor.
Because you know damn well sure your not coming back out here in a mere hour.
So yu stand there, aggravated, trying desperately to persuade this animal to "finish", almost wishing you could juzst fucking squeeze the shit out of him and be done with it. But he just looks up at you, all happy, but then he starts to panic, because your all angry, and he doesn't know what to do.
It never really occurs to us in these situations, that the dog just doesnmt have to go at these times, but despite that, knowing you want him to, tries his damn hardest too, regardless, but in the end, if you don't have to go... You don't have to go, and nothing we say or do can change that.

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Nov 13, 2012
7:31 PM EST
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