Mineblocks recreation

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The original game is by Zanzlanz. I do not own the original work of the game (the base) HOWEVER I do own the file and textures and whatnot. A bit buggy but soon to be fixed. Enjoy! (PS DIRT BUG FIXED)


Well New bug:scree goes crazy and shows almost every item in mineblocks hope you can fix this and also keep doing what your doing:making games and taking names (lol).Also ignore the 'haters' they're just kids (to grown ups:Could have added an suggestion instead of an hate comment) that dont like 'crap' games these days and to haters:try being a little mature overall 3 for the Potential and 1 LAST suggestion:Try making your own game series so people wont hate your posts

this game is fun i like it well i like the one made by zanlaz better

I would like to say that Newgrounds players understand that you tried to make something ( I have no idea what)thingy,blah jigger. I sorry to say that was a waste of my time. Maybe add a use to this other that a background changing show. My true words are" I WASTED MY TIME ON THIS GOD DAMMIT" I'm sorry you had to see that. Rating: BOO.

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nice game just like minecraft

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i heard you guys fight it is stilla game >:(

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2.21 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2012
4:49 PM EST
Adventure - Other