Mo' Mentum.

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X-Man 5 Points

Collect your first orb

Broken Bones 10 Points

Kill 5 skeletons in 1 run

Bronze 10 Points

Reach 2000 points

Silver 25 Points

Reach 5000 points

Gold 50 Points

Reach 15,000 points

I'm a Survivor 50 Points

Survive for 1,500 points on 1 heart

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Meet Mo' Mentum, a simple-minded gravedigger. One day, while he was working on his nightly duty, he stepped on a bunny. Surprisingly, instead of running away, the bunny began to swell up with muscle and fur! The bunny then kicked Mo' and knocked him down his rabbit hole...

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Kill Skeletons!
Dodge Boulders!
Avoid Spikes!
Collect orbs to become faster and stronger!
Survive by collecting hearts!
And for the love of god, don't get caught by the bunny in its endless chase!

- Becoming mutated now heals you!
- Collect heart pickups in game!
- Medals are now finally up and running!

- Points to be increased for medium and hard difficulties!

If your enable to see any heart pickups please delete your cache and refresh the page. Cheers


I reached gold on todays leaderboard! Something like 6900 points, however none of my medals have come through for 2000, 5000 points, 5 skeletons and such. The games pretty addictive, however it's really frustrating. I think I remember playing a demo of this a while back? This completed version is way better. Being able to collect hearts in the game is much better, and I like the inclusion of the mutation healing you. Originally the mutation only seemed to slow your damage uptake, but now it seems you can jump higher, the normal red orbs heal you and when you first mutate you get healed, so thats a nice addition!

0Hayes responds:

Awesome mate! Were having a bit of trouble with the medals atm I'm afraid, they should be working again with the next few days though. I'm pleased to hear that you are liking it so much. Yeah, this is technically our 3rd version of Mo' Mentum, first it was the beta, then we released it on here. But that version essentially got broken so we've now released this version.

Glad to see your enjoying it, check out more about the game and what were doing with Mo' next http://www.mo-mentumgame.com/ you might be interested to find out that were going to be bringing it out for mobile!


Good game. I do enjoy it, it could use like a point where it saves here and there so its not so tedious to go back and restart all over. But all together, its a pretty nice story line and cool game. :D

0Hayes responds:

Cheers! There isn't a save point as there isn't an ending. If your interested in how it ends then stay tuned for our mobile release!

Random, low health, no health pickups, no checkpoint.
No way.

0Hayes responds:

We have actually just added health pickups and fixed the difficulty. I believe you just need to delete your cache. Also the game won't have checkpoints as its based on endurance not completing levels


Well it's nice to see that you two finished up the game but the difficulty curve has really gone up.
I'm glad to see that you adjusted the platform section so that the platforms are registered before the screen starts moving up. The perks for being mutated work well, and it's nice that the screen will follow your speed now.

My only real complaint would be the spikes. Spikes are now everywhere, even in the falling boulder sections, and sometimes overhangs will force you into spikes. In the first version, health acted as a restraint but didn't hinder the gameplay, but it really limits the playability in this one. Health pickups would be appreciated.

Overall, the game is still good, but it is a bit more annoying than before. Though that won't stop me from playing it.

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0Hayes responds:

Thank you so much for sticking with the game! Were going to be adding hearts so that although you do loose health you'll be able to regain it. If all goes to plan they will be in game by tomorrow so make sure to check it out then =]

This game is challenging with different obstacle courses for the character to survive along with very limited health.
However, the health makes it a little too difficult,three hearts are just too little if there is no way to recover them and to make it worse,boulders that cause one heart to be lost per hit,no matter how small it is.It is either that there are more hearts to start with,some way for the character to recover,smaller damage(a health bar would be better to show this),a better way for the character to attack the skeletons and possible,kill that hideous bunny in mutated form by running into them or something.In mutated form which also runs out quicly could enable the character to be invincible against damage(but then,in this game,the levels are randomly generated,so a luckier player will find more orbs to stay in mutated form.)
Anyway,this game is not bad although its visual quality could be slightly better.

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0Hayes responds:

Hey I've been finding it difficult myself too, we've just added so many obstacles over the last few days they its got pretty hard. So after the comments we have received were going to be adding heart pickups in game. Thanks loads and stick around for the update as it should fix the difficulty problems,

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Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2012
1:15 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop