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Build your card collection and play with your friends to defeat the darkness!


I was really enjoying this game until I came across some serious glitches. When building my deck it would not let me add cards into it even though I clearly had empty slots for them. This basically ruined the game for me, how can I compete with the stronger enemies when I can not even add advanced cards into my deck. You should seriously consider working on this game some more and making it perfect before even considering the idea of charging people real money for extra features.

Great game super fun and wery addictive, however i have a slight problem. as im progressing in the game unlocking uncommon and rare cards i noticed a problem. you see the evo crystals for common monsters only cost 500 gold while the one for uncommen cost 7500!! thats insane its like 3 exspantion booster packs or evole your creature to lvl 2! my point is that you really have to lower the price on those danm crystals because hey a lvl 2 monster is nice but i would rather have 15 more cards than just upgrading one dan, creature.

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I really think the author did a good job making a very fun and addictive game!
I agree with others that this game doesn't need to be pay to play, I think it actually adds more challenge.

Oh, and here's a tip if people are confused, because I was too: Whenever you get a gem, it doesn't automatically go to your own stash; you need to go to the crystals section of the shop, and if you had earned a gem, it would say "free" under the gem you earned. Just click to get it for free!
I hoped that helped.

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A good game, but if you could award tokens for progressing in the game, it would be even better. Say, 500 tokens for each area cleared, easier for those who can't afford the ads provided.

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I really enjoy the game and it's very addictive. My biggest critique is that every gem I "earn" miraculously disappears before I can ever use it. I'm just stuck leveling up my cards the slow way, when it looks like I would be able to hasten the process with the many gems I've earned so far. Please fix this!

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2012
11:59 AM EST
Strategy - Other