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Card Monsters

rated 3.90 / 5 stars
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Nov 12, 2012 | 11:59 AM EST

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Build your card collection and play with your friends to defeat the darkness!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Why do the Gerbip who normally is melee only get to use a short bow, but I place a Snowblade in ranged position yet I can't equip him with the bow? Why can't I use the cards the same way as the computer opponent? Cool concept but the game isn't playing fairly.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

it is awsome i have plenty neat cards in my deck no one can beat me


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Where exactly is the Daily Gift Roulette? I've been told it's under the "home" tab, but either I'm blind or stupid (probably both) and I'm just not seeing it. All I see on that page is the news cycle, the card of the day, and the exclusive member "join today" button.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i love


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm playing for almost 3 weeks now and i'll try to be as honest as possible. English ain't my first language but I'll manage to be as clear as possible. I'll also spoil a bit to give precise exemples, so you're warned

First of all, i spared 5$ to increase my maximum light limit , so I can play for 2-3 hours straight and let it "reload" for half a day. I never bought a card, crystals , leveling etc, I just dont wanna have to play "every" 1h40 if I wanna spend my light at his full "effectiveness". Moreover , when you reach world 4-5, you're actually running out of light crystal, you should be able to play "non stop" before by using them (Crystal => Purchase crystal => FREE (number of crystal) to get them, it took me 1 hour or so to find out). It kinda incite you to do so.
I.e Starting the last swarm is worth 35 lights. And there's 2500 monsters to take down in 36 hours. Also keep in mind that swarm kills doesn't count (but xp , achievement & gold) if you dont end it. That's impossible to do alone. 2500/35 (maximum number of monsters you can kill in a swarm attack) = 72 runs. First run cost 35 light then 18 light per run = 71x18 + 35 = 1313 total light if you perfect all the runs (of course you arent likely to cause it's damn hard, you need the top cards and a bit of luck). 1313 light is 21h53 in real time, add to it you actually have to play to spend the light (lets say 1h playing every 1h40)
You actually can share your swarms with teammates and i spoke about the hardest one but that gives you an idea of what's the game about , since swarms are the best way to get money & xp

As you understood, the game is really about playing a lot , everything is damn expensive (I'd say 2 hours to buy a rare evolution crystal for me , I'm trying hard at the end of Stony Shore (world 11 out of 14 atm if my team mates are right) so i gotta find some useful monsters & equip. I got 5 useful cards (2x Great axe , 1 adm eagle , ...) and some fair cards if you level them like Tux Shooter , Lapia , ... And i can barely stand the 2-3 waves of the swarm i spoke above , I did at least once each of the 4 others. I dont have any "sick" combo yet though

Of course , the leveling is slow aswell. Quite decent when you start the game, but if you actually buy boosters you wont be able to afford evos for a while. Imo its worth looking for the best card you may have for your actual deck (like if you need a early big melee , lost explorer is great. Turkey level 5 is sweet aswell and kinda cheap) but try asap to get real stronger cards, like as soon as your 2-3 mains cards can take anything for several levels, but you have to keep in mind its all about luck, i.e I can get one of the most commun monster card (first red one in the collection) after 50 boosters. My leveling experience is quite different since i got a bigger light limit , i do use moonish crystals in the +x% xp for 24 hours way, Which is worth it after 1-2hours playing ~~

However, game mechanics arent that original (lot of people talked about magic) but its somehow like a chess game when you get over the playing time it requires. I agree with you all items should be cheaper & leveling part faster, but i also missed an actual "hardcore" game. Okay its not that hard, but i'm happy i cant get to the last level after 2 hours like in many games. That justify my 4 stars. I have to say without increasing time limit , I would have give it up after world 4, but I've been lucky with cards i got, but also cause I met other big players and we're growing and having fun in our allience. And it helps a lot. Doing other people swarm gives you exclusive cards (and there's sick one if you do tons of swarms , like everything else in this game anyway) and having 10 people or more doing the same swarm makes it way shorter

Anyway to sum up , if you dont want to spend money but you're patient and still wanna go farer in the game, you really should look for an allience which think like you do , it will gives you (slowly) bonus cards & swarm rewards.
Otherwise , spend money or you'll hate it