Sad Farmer

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an emo farmer grows a flower, pours his blood on it and then dies of poisoning
controls: up and down arrows


Oh emos...

haha 'tis good. The idea's original, but I'd suggest that there be more interaction / action in case ye plan a sequel to this.

+2½ for Creativity
+2 for Controls
-1 for lack of music / sound
-½ for short gameplay

Give it another shot, I'll like to see a 2nd version of this.

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Not sure if " poisoning " is the correct term in this case... but I did like the dark humour of this piece if anything.

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honestly, it's not terrible! however, the last time I tried to make a comment on something that came from a personal philosophy, I got called a fruit. So, try not to be too offended or whatever...

I never liked suicide-themes. The one exception is "Orange Roulette", which only won me over to due sheer amount of style, addiction, and atmosphere. I think my distaste for this kind of humor or sattire or whatever stems from my belief that by putting this out there, you're actually encouraging people to behave negatively.
Perhaps there is that one person who was already RIGHT THERE on the edge...and they clicked this not knowing what it was, extremely depressed, and it pushed them over the limit. I think the title you gave this game is deceptive like the intro to Family Guy. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I just want people to be positive and more mindful of their impact on the world around them.

Sorry for the lecture or whatever, here we go, super-review time yeah yeah....

The graphics weren't bad, and I liked that the flower could sort of grow or wilt depending on how much "water" it got. The "consciousness" meter seemed either broken or just useless, however. The controls were tight, considering that they're probably just telling an MC to play through.
I think it would have been sort of funny if there was some kind of sound effect as you were cutting, but not something gross and explicit...maybe something cartoon-y like sawing logs or a slide-whistle....hahahaha, a slide whistle would have been hilarious, actually, and made a much stronger statement about violence than what is currently presented.

out of 10...
gfx - 7 (decent illustration, weird lines)
sfx - 0 (no sound at all?! wtf?!)
design - 5 (tasteless, drawn out)
gameplay - 5 (drags on, mostly broken)

overall, I think you should have checked to make sure your nuts and bolts were tightened before finalizing it and uploading, but overall this shows some really creative ability and I look forward to seeing what you do next!

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kinda not nice, bad ideas can prob come outa this js, but then agen most games have bad ideas

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1.91 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2012
12:01 AM EST
Skill - Other