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Use the left and right arrow keys to dodge the falling blocks.

Keep in mind that if you go off one side of the screen you'll appear at the opposite side, their are a few times where you absolutely must do this so don't forget it.

it is most effective to hold the direction you want to go before just before you get there

the blocks will start to fall faster as the game progresses

anyway, first game up here, tell me what you think blah blah blah

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I thought this was cool and addicting. I can see a sequel for this. Like maybe have the blocks falling to the tempo of a song and have the difficulty according to the tempo speed.

The control is initially very awkward and counterintuitive. It's only after a few plays that the player will realize that he can freely hold left/right so long as he isn't immediately moving into another tile. Players coming into this will treat it as if it is a top down shooter, when in fact it is not. I got used to it after a while, though the UNIMAGINABLE difficult spike at around ~15000 points kind of has the end effect of making the high scores a bit pointless.

It's near impossible to move fast enough to dodge the oncoming walls. I've been trying at it for about 10 minutes and still can't get it. I find it silly that you cannot even complete the first simple task. I suggest making the player move faster or giving more space to turn, and not making it impossible.

svaerth responds:

I admit that it isn't as obvious as it should be, but you can move through the blocks the instant they touch the bottom, so its gives you precisely as much time as you need, making it impossible if you try to tap it at the last moment. It was my intention for the players to hold the arrow keys in the direction that they need to go before the surrounding blocks disapear, which would make your block move as soon as it can without the player having to time it. This wasn't very obvious tho, so I apologize

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2.67 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2012
10:33 PM EST