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Limbo Mario

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I saw a .gif titled Limbo Mario and thought, "That would be interesting." So I worked on this and well, here is a little sample of my progress at making it closer to reality.


did u know when u go 2 the edge (so only the tip of ur toe is toching) of the block u do a weird dance, and i cant get past the first part

I only have one word which is slang for this game "dafauq"

they call this piece of crap LIMBO .......remember:Thats"This is the only level" for poor people

thats the game with the elephant

just a sample not even a lvl of gameplay

I rated a 2.5, but in all actuality, I can't rate this. This is definitely only a testing experience, like the one level you will come back to over and over to see how things go (I guess you could call debug mode). If this is debug mode, then you should get cracking because people seem to like the idea, but when they think of this, they seem to want a completed version. This clearly needed to be in NG Alpha (sadly it doesn't exist anymore, and stopped working for many years). But I digress, you should work on perfecting debug mode or the rest of the game will be terrible. Now what I want to do is point out some bugs that you could clean out.

Coin block problem:
The coin block seems to gravitate me to the nearest side when I hit it from under, some time I just fly out to the right or left of it.

Jumping problem:
When I hold the jump button, all I need to do is go on the block above me and I automatically jump, but in this case, it looks like I'm doing a super jump or something.

Block cluster problem.
I've not had any problems with any of the blocks by moving around it, but the two block clusters on the far right (3 blocks on the right 2 blocks on the left) have a strange collision pattern. Every block seem at least "solid", but if you go to the gap between these block clusters, its a whole new rule. like for example, jump on top of one of the block in the cluster and walk your way to the center of the gap and you are floating in mid air. Also, time your jump correctly and you could move to the side of the gap in order to go through the blocks (only within the cluster).

Collision issue:
All block have a strange side collision. If you are touching the edge of a block, you will not actually "touch" the blocks because the collision line is a few pixels outwards. Also when falling off the side of the block, I started falling (first few pixels) and I went towards the block, not only am I not falling anymore, but I'm also on the top of the blocks. One last problem I found is that if you are jumping under a block close to the edge of the block, you will gravitate towards the side of the block.

Outside the whole bug issue, I'm perplexed on how the design of the game will turn out, from what I see here, I feel like it would be a normal Mario game that takes place in a Limbo like world. In this case you will probably lack the Limbo element, but if you make the world more deeper like Limbo, I fear you will take away the whole Mario. The reason I say this is that Mario and Limbo are designed completely different. Mario is about someone fast and has a strong jump ability who can end any enemy by jumping on them. Limbo is about a fragile boy who has mediocre ability, he's not strong, he's slow and can't jump high and if I think correctly (never played the game) you can't kill anything directly and everything is off to kill you even the environment.

If you could put both of them together and make a great game, awesome, but I can't really imagine a way to make a decent enough game to have both elements without neglecting one of them. Unless, hm, I just thought of it, but I still think it won't come out exactly right, but you could make the world crumble upon you. You also would need to make the enemy design much more gruesome or ominous. And the level not so friendly, but keep a good Super Mario Bros. pace to it. It's coming clearer to me, but I'm not sure if you can execute it. Could you?

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2.66 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2012
7:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other