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Nov 11, 2012 | 3:43 PM EST

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Hello there,

This is another little game that I made.

Like so many others, after playing Spelunky I got interested in random level generation and this game is sort of the result of that interest. The level generation here is nothing like the way it's done in Spelunky though, but I still think it's quite fun to play.


All music for the game I found here on the Newgrounds Audio Portal, the artists are credited in the bar to the left, you should really check out their other submissions they have a lot of great chiptune/retro stuff.


Also, feel free to PM me here or email mrnowind at gmail with any bugs you might find in the game and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.


The controls are in-game so give it a try and I hope you'll enjoy it,


I updated the game to fix some bugs. Special items in shops are now significantly cheaper and shops appear more frequently.
I also noticed that my game is on the frontpage! Thanks to whoever made that happen.

**EDIT 2**
tweaked some things here and there, some levels should be a bit easier now.

Okay, the crosses now create an invisible force field that repel ghosts, only the last cross you placed does this though. The system that determines which and what amount of items you get is now more friendly; bags are far more likely to contain bombs and as is it more likely to get 3 hp instead of 1 from a health potion. And finally I tweaked the level generator so the diary page should be easier to get to.
The game is now version 0.99, and as far as gameplay and level design goes I won't change it anymore. I'm going to add some particles or something to indicate the force field that the crosses create but other than that I consider the game to be done (unless there's some gamebreaking bug or glitch that emerges from these recent changes I made).
Thanks a lot for all the feedback i received in reviews and through PM I really appreciate it!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good atmospheric game, I really like how the cross works and the general feel. I was confused at first, because of the lack of explanation about controls and how items work, but I think you were trying to capture the NES era feel. I also don't like taking falling damage when my character can fly but it's your design choice so whatever. Also, I don't know if the High Score counter effectively works.
Anyway, the music and sound design is really good and the graphics are nice.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

REALLY good game. Just a little hard


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I somehow managed to became invincible when I got hit by a ghost going at high speeds when I throw a cross on top of it ( I think I also throw a bomb at it to, but I don't remember for sure). The character was also stuck facing the screen and was red the whole time too, but I was able to still move around at least. When I did finish the level, the character went back to normal again.

Besides that, the game is fun and I plan on playing it again later.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Geez now you tell us, I would never have figured that out. The ghosts look like angels so why would anyone expect a cross to repel them? When I first played this I assumed they were portable respawn points until I died the first time, than I spent until now thinking they were just "breadcrumbs" to help remember where you've been.
All in all MINDER (is it mind-er or men-der?) is decent throwback to the NES era but takes the horror game route that Nintendo never did.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Wow. Been playing for a while, hoping that the fixes and tweaks you kept putting in would make things easier, but it's actually more brutal and more difficult now. It seems like the player character falls twice as fast now, and I don't remember the ghosts dealing 2 HP worth of damage before. Also, finding out that the red crosses don't do anything special after saving up 12,000 credits for them felt like you were punishing players for asking you to make an easier game.
However, the concept is stellar, as are the design and the music. This could be something great, perhaps as a sequel or something else. Concrete suggestions:
1. There needs to be a way to kill the ghosts besides wasting bombs on them. It would be fine if they actually stuck around to get hit by the bombs, or if they even approached them, but they turn tail and run as soon as a bomb is placed near them. My suggestion is to add a projectile weapon, from the start, not as something you have to buy late in the game.
2. Randomized level generation is insane the way it's handled here. There are sometimes unavoidable obstacles or situations where you have to use all of the bombs you have. The one that took the cake for me was having to put down seven bombs to get to a journal page that was in a room full of spikes and ghosts. It was absolutely impossible to have survived that.
3. More predictability is needed in the store and with rewards. I can understand maybe keeping it random with rewards for killing ghosts or using tombstones, especially if ghosts became easier to kill, but dropping 5,000 credits or more on a health potion to only find that it gives you 1 HP back when the last one could have given 5 HP or more is painful and cruel. I consistently felt like you were toying with me with things like that.
4. Checkpoints or saves need to happen. I can never get past the second green level. If you're going to insist on making things random, and thus impossible to memorize or learn from, then you need t be more forgiving in these regards. I'd love to see a show of hands for how many people have actually beaten the game; I'll bet it pales in comparison to the number of players. It's made even worse by never knowing how close I am to beating the game, or if it even has an end; it could be like an old arcade game that just gets harder and harder until you die, for all I know.

I can do without a map or a compass; I think the exploration here is key, but if you're going to stress exploration, it needs to not be so insanely hazardous. Again, the ideas are brilliant, but the presentation and execution are just way too painful. I want to like this, really I do; I've been playing it a few times each day since it came out, but it just feels impossible, and nobody likes an impossible game.

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MNWS responds:

Hi, the character really shouldn't be falling faster, he doesn't on my end so I don't know about that and ghosts have always dealt 2 hp of damage. Planting a red cross makes the monsters go for the cross instead of the player.
And thanks for the suggestions, I'll have the final version (1.0) out sometime in the coming days with a friendlier random system in regards to item/hp drops and crosses that'll be more useful than they are currently. Also I guess I'll make some alterations to the level generation.
Thanks for playing.